1. damian

    Careercow Kwanza Osajyefo / Kwanza Johnson / kwanzer

    Kwanza Osajyefo is a comic book writer for Black Mask. He's the creator of the Kickstartered comic book series, BLACK, a series about "What if ONLY black people had superpowers?". Like with Shaun King, Kwanza Johnson was born with light brown skin making him very insecure about his blackness...
  2. TheGreatCitracett

    Artcow M. Rasheed / Muhammad Ameen Rasheed / Second Sight Graphix / mrasheed

    So here's a comic I saw the other day being shared around, and naturally I just had to dig deeper: And I found the Facebook of the artist in question. He was spouting bizarre racism, seemingly to himself, because he was triggered as fuck, chimping out and deleting comments and blocking people...
  3. H4nzn0

    (potentially) BLM vs MLB

    Ok, Remember this thread? Well, I'm making a spot just in case of more of this shit was going to happen. P.S. I'm new to making these threads so pardon me if I fuck up. MLB's Bruce Maxwell of the (outta all the fuckin' places) Oakland A's takes...
  4. TheGreatCitracett

    Gross Ashleigh Shackelford / ashleighthelion / freefigurerevolution / freefigureorg / The Fat Census

    ~Trap Scholar, Fat Black Femme, Clapback Enthusiast, Afrofuturist, Irregular Nigga Divesting from Gender~ Never made a thread before, but this cow was just too compelling not to. Essential info, courtesy of @Ride: Ashleigh Shackelford DOB: August 20th, 1987 1370 Westboro Dr. SW, Atlanta, GA...
  5. Alex "Idominatio" Figueroa

    #UniteTheRight march at UVA,

    So apparently a group called White Lives Matter was allowed by court and now they're marching at UVA, they're starting 1AM EDT Honestly they do look like white supremacist or /pol/tards by the way they act, pretty unhinged and specifically "White Right". Also Kudos for not being fucking...
  6. Pikapool

    BLM vs. NFL

    First time making a thread so please bear with me OK I really didn't want to touch this subject in fact I thought it would die out but since these SJW pussies aren't getting their way they're crying about it. Yesterday news broke that Miami Dolphins signed Jay Cutler outta retirement instead of...
  7. Broseph Stalin

    #BLM Admits to Lying: Tried to say white guy that hanged himself was a lynched black guy; apologizes

  8. Mariposa Electrique

    Sammy Sosa: Now, Through The Magic Of Science, Resembles Pink Slime

    Twitter Freaks Out, Yet Again LINK Keep in mind, this is Sosa in 1989.

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