1. Feline Darkmage

    Dennis Prager / Prager University / PragerU / PragerU International / Pragertopia

    Intro Dennis Prager is a conservative talk radio/internet pundit funded by billionaires to produce cringeworthy youtube videos and dumb down political discourse even more than usual. There is now a small cottage industry on youtube dedicated both to dissecting the myriad of problems and...
  2. Null

    Thread Requests & Resources

    If you know of someone that is probably worthy of a thread, post names here with links to relevant content. It's also a good idea to suggest a board to place it in. We're still not a personal army. If there's nothing funny about a person, no one will make a thread for you. Thread Resources...
  3. Feline Darkmage

    Lolcow Martin Brodel / isayitlikeitis1 / ThePenRev

    I dedicate this thread to @CatParty and @Steve Mayers for allowing me to discover this cow in the various Salt Mine threads his vids have been posted in. YouTube Old Youtube Patreon "i deal primarily in politics, but will also discuss sports and most anything that interests...
  4. Feline Darkmage

    Katelyn Burns / Katelyn Anne Garrett / Kyle Burns Garrett / Transscribe / ClosetTransGirl / tabz_ftw

    Discussed rather heavily in other threads, it's time to give Katelyn Burns one of her own. Name: Katelyn Anne Garrett Deadname: Kyle Burns Garrett Residence: 18 Smith Wheel Road, Unit 72, Old Orchard Beach, Maine Birthday: February 6, 1982 Social Media:
  5. Feline Darkmage

    Manosphere Roissy in D.C. / Heartiste / James C. Weidmann

    Edit: Roissy is absolutely gross, he's also a pedo. See you after you get done puking. James C. Weidmann is the loser behind the shitty wordpress blog "Chateaux Heartiste". Many of his antics have been tracked by one David Futrelle here: apparently has this...
  6. Long Sun

    Manosphere Theodore "Teddy" Beale / Vox Day / Vox Popoli / Teddy Spaghetti

    So Teddy Beale generates alot of content what sets him apart from most ultra Right blogs are: 1)his ego which can seen from space, always bragging about his IQ and how smart his children are. also his pen name is taken from Vox Dei 2) his fight to make people believe his wife is totally real...