1. Legoshi

    Northern Irish Loyalists/Unionists

    As much as I dislike Republicans and their homicidal party Sinn Fein from up North, in terms of idiocy, Northern Irish loyalists take the cake. They make the country and its entire Protestant community look like dogmatic, small-minded retards, when they really aren't. Northern Irish Loyalists...
  2. Null

    2019-05-10 - Dominic Vanner: Google Defamation Complaints

    Dominic Vanner has filed the following defamation complaints with Google to remove links to his thread and to his Encyclopedia Dramatica page from Google UK. I would never have known this, because Google UK doesn't even seem to notify the webmaster of these takedowns or give them the...
  3. Todesfurcht

    Careercow Dominic Vanner / Britbong / Eggbong / Manlytears

    [CURRENTLY REVAMPING THE THREAD! BEAR WITH ME!] Do you guys remember back in 2007 when social games were a big deal? You weren't cool unless you had a Gaia, IMVU, or Second Life account. Not to mention now popular memes like "forever alone" and "me gusta" were. For whatever reason though, not...