1. YourUnclesDad

    Graeme Kelly / Irishbrony1988 / @IrishbronyKelly

    Meet Graeme Kelly, a 30 year old brony from Kildare, Ireland. He loves cuddling MLP plushies and seeks a gamer girlfriend. Graeme loves porn, especially MLP porn. He is very active on Twitter and talks almost daily about depression, wanting a girlfriend, and not being a pedophile. "Talking...

    حلال LagoonaBlue / Harriet Louise Connor / BendyRuler / erapony / HazzaScottish / Hazza Jermface / erajermface / imeverypony

    At first I thought this was just a lunatic attacking Chris, but judging from her social media footprint, she turns out to be worthy for a thread, and considering the circumstances, a halal on @LagoonaBlue. Harriet Louise Connor Quarterbridge College Road, Perth PH13PB Perth, Perth and Kinross...
  3. ATaxingWoman

    Tiana Ellison / Tiapunky / That One Fuzzbutt / selfinserttrash / Esme Bunfox / EsmeTheBlackblood

    Tiapunky / Tiana Ellison / That One Fuzzbutt / selfinserttrash / Esme Bunfox / EsmeTheBlackblood / toffee_candoco / hypertads Born: 12–09–1993. Location: Phoenix, Arizona (formerly San Diego, California) Basic information Meet Tiapunky (real name: Tiana Ashley Ellison), the pansexual...
  4. The Lizard Queen

    Justin T. Hunt / DoctorChesterthe1st / JustParodiezMan / Dennis7ification

    This is Justin Hunt. Author, university student, eligible bachelor. I first became aware of him through this news article. ( (doesn't archive well) So, he...
  5. Jaiman

    Benjamin Jackson / thegreattailz / Audiowave Dasher / schecterscorpion / blueitalics

    Benjamin Jackson, born on July 21, 1976, is a 40 year old brony who resides in Orlando, Florida. He is a musician who composes heavy metal music under the alias Audiowave Dasher. Here’s what he can do: Yeah… not so good. Just don’t share your honest opinion with Benjamin about how his music...
  6. Feline Darkmage

    Silas Khan Janjua / AWildSilas / Comrade Silas Khan / Silas Von Chimera / MrTwiky What white nationalism has to do with wrestling gifs, the world may never know Edit: Originally I posted this fucker in the Social...
  7. ZiFeRKaIa

    Daniel W. Dieter / DanXGoodWolf / sonofss2-version2 / DanielHeroX2.0

    Meet Daniel W. Dieter, AKA DanielHeroX2.0/Danxgoodwolf. Daniel is your average DeviantArt drama queen who demands art from random artists he meets, steals artwork, and stirs up drama with people that dislike him. He also draws alot of fetish art, usually based around inflation, weight gain...
  8. Feline Darkmage

    Brian Baehler / Brian577 / Typhon / TyphonDog / BrBaeh

    Name: Brian Baehler Aliases: Brian577, TyphonDog Job: None Lives with his Parents Threatened Suicide over NeoGAF Likes Bolt Porn Age 33 First discussed in the NeoGAF thread was a rather eceptional furry by the name of Brian577 that I wanted to throw up a quick thread about so this beautiful gem...
  9. Feline Darkmage

    Conrad Aaron Collins / Digibrony / Digibro / Otaku Gonzo Journalism & the Pro Crastinators Podcast

    Digibro is a mildly successful anime review youtuber who has found himself in a bit of a downward spiral that kicked off after recent drama involving the Procrastinators Podcast (PCP), something him and his friends run. And he even has a shady past, proclaiming himself publicly as a "lolicon"...
  10. seinfeldisakike


    Maulkin is one of those furries that prides himself on being as edgy as possible, with this relentless support of Donald Trump, and his open transphobia. He was banned from FA in the beginning of August, but his sofurry account is still open. He is also a...
  11. Flowers For Sonichu

    Ian Miles Cheong / Stillgray / SolInvictus / Little Hitler / Ian Miles Cheong Wen Xian / "Chungus"

    I'm really disappointed and surprised this guy doesn't have a thread yet. He's one of the biggest hypocrites I've come across on the internet. Malaysian-born Ian Miles Cheong (what is it about autistic people and listing their full name?) has such a long tangled web of being a spineless...

    Dramacow Jadedalicorn/zenimoonchild/silverunicornprinces

    Jadedalicorn I posted about her in my now dead MMD thread. I think its about time for her to get her own thread. meet Jadedalicorn is around 30 is engaged acts like a high school girl who likes to spread rumors about people they hate calls people she don't like a SJW calls taking model parts...
  13. chimpburgers

    Antony Aguilar / ForNoGoodReason / FNGR / @FNGR101 / ForNoGR / Fanon Frenzy

    (Phone number doxed by a former friend lol: (815) 641-1205) /cow/ and ED have a ton of information on this asshat ready to go and I was also sent this suggestion by @Pepsi so thanks to all three. If you've heard of Jerry Peet, follow his thread here, or follow any of the threads on /cow/, you...
  14. The Oddball from MLW

    Skitzocow Taxman / Kyle Hawkins

    I decided to make a thread dedicated to this guy and his escapades. For those of you who don't know Taxman (or Kyle), he is an alcoholic racist who has the hopes to visit Equestria and meet the love of his life, Curio. His original waifu was Rarity, which is very prevalent in many of his...
  15. wristwatchswisswatch

    Jin / Jin1515 / Matt Beard / RetroYote

    It's very hard to describe this person without calling him a brony or babyfur. His name is Jin (Power word: Matt Beard) a Minnesotan with an unhealthy obsession for the inanimate. He caught wind of the My Little Pony fad during 2012, where he noticed a certain Mary Sue and knew he met his match...
  16. Philosophy Zombie

    Infected TV Tropes community

    I posted a thread on TV Tropes in Lolcow. Apparently it's not true and honest, but I think the forums shit at least is going to be interesting to a few people. The TV Tropes wiki forums—where tropers do their Important Trope Business like pointing out that a page is autistic and then not doing...

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