buffalo bill

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    Horrorcow Ryan Allen Terry / ByteAndAHalf

    [Mod Edit]: This was originally a post in the community watch "Reddit's Trans Community" until more was dug up on the disturbing cow featured within. Left: Ryan pre-transition. Right: Most recent photo of Ryan Ryan "ByteAndAHalf" Allen Terry is a young (born May 5th, 1999) aspiring programmer...
  2. m0rnutz

    Char Vortryss / Char Crawford / Char the Butcher / @CharVortryss / Clinton James Crawford

    https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/court-ruling-raises-number-legally-nonbinary-californians-seven-n721676 Ask yourself, when you first heard the phrase "die cis scum", what did you invision in your mind? Blacklipstckbuxomboy? Boys with curls telling you heck off? A sadomasochistic...
  3. Internet War Criminal

    Richard "Terra" Jones / Fire / Buffalo Bill / Lightning Princess / Leslie Eclaire / Stilanas

    @Smutley made the original KF thread in the ADF subforum but this particular rabbit gloryhole goes back far deeper, back to 2002 when he registered an account under the name Fire on the Something Awful forums. He was wildly mocked there for his extremist tendencies and love of underage anime...