1. Extreme Aneurysm

    Biden Voters Posting Their L's Online/

    As Canada announces tyrannical "COVID Safety Measures," a fucking leaf known as Biden Voters Posting Their L's, hope for access to an already dwindling country known as the U.S OF EH. Like the great leader and feeder said "why is it so hard for gimmick accounts to stick with their gimmick." A...
  2. R

    Off-Topic Oh, Canada!

    I noticed the threads were getting clogged with various off topic posts. Feel free to sperg about Canada's politics, history, health care, and news here.
  3. Poiseon

    op falls for fake site

    So, I was browsing the thread on Trump Derangement Syndrome, and came across this amazing, fucking amazing post by a Canadian politician. My curiosity peaked, I decided to poke around Bing and found something that is equally incredible...
  4. trannyfucker

    Megathread Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv / @trustednerd / / JY Knows It / JY British Columbia

    Mod note: This is not the thread for moralfagging, general tranny sperging or dipshit trolling ops. If you engage in any of these, you will be threadbanned. Post actual content instead of bitching. Keep the discussion on Yaniv, not other gross trannies. Jonathan Gill Yaniv (born 12 June 1987)...
  5. Guts

    Mother's Basement / Geoff Thew

    Geoff Thew is a milquetoast anime YouTuber who's best known for making Crunchyroll promotional videos with a bonus anime analysis pinned at the very end and completely ravaging the jimmies of his beloved anime watching audience. His videos are so bland and uninteresting (beyond the ones where...
  6. sperginity

    Orbiter Morgane Oger / Ronan Oger

    Background: Swamp creature Morgan Oger (deadname Ronan Oger) is a troon politician from Canada's New Democrat Party (NDP) (update: as of november 2019 he was replaced as a NDP VP via an election). He legally changed his first name but bizarrely kept the surname Oger, inspiring too many Shrek...
  7. Strine

    Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    MOD EDIT: 11/2/21 OP updated here. Hello, Foodie Beauties! Our Foodie Beauty. Chantal Olive Marie Sarault, born March 28th 1984, aliases Foodie Beauty, Big Beautiful Me, Chantal Marie, Chinny, Clotso, Cuntal and others, is a Canadian YouTuber, whose channel was created in 2014, and who reads...
  8. Feline Darkmage

    Trainwreck Cailey Root / kittycailey / kikikills

    I found Cailey Root while I was browsing /snow/ and the kind of information they had on this chick really caught my eye as someone worth an addition to BP. The basic rundown is that she's this unstable suicide-baiting kinkster and nudist from Toronto, Canada. She's another one of the types who...
  9. CatParty

    Kyle Anthony "Kylie / Cassandra / Jesse" Brooks / queerdykekylie

    why not start this thread off with kylie's craziest idea yet. OF COURSE PHIL WON'T DONATE TO A BLACK PERSON