cat piss

  1. Twinkie

    Celebrity Shane Lee Yaw / Shane Dawson

    Shane Dawson (b. Shane Lee Yaw, July 19, 1988 ) is an entertainer currently struggling to stay afloat against the cancel culture undertow. As one of the top content creators on Youtube (over 20M subs), it remains to be seen whether Shane will be protected by Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki for being...
  2. Chester Rigby

    Containment 5/17/2018 - SORBET'S LOST

    Poor little creature... :heart-empty: Also, as always, pussy is running away from Chris.
  3. Jaimas

    Artcow Jay Geis / The Golden Knight / The Platinum Paladin / Dick Pierce

    Jay Geis - a name that lives on fondly (for all the wrong reasons) in the hearts of many Kiwis, as both his rise and fall paint him as one of the most wildly entertaining, deeply disturbing, and outright hilarious individuals ever covered by this website - has returned to prominence after a...
  4. G

    Eden Belmont/Luminoth/Trace / Zach Bradley / Xak-kun / ScabbedAngel16 / GirlDickOfEden / PissPrincex

    UPDATE: This thread was apparently used as evidence by Walmart management in the decision to release the cow from their position with the company. Twitter posts about wanting to give BJs on the job, people from work recognizing his craigslist ad and taking lewds in the Walmart bathroom are...
  5. chimpburgers

    Inactive David Simon Gallant

    Mod Edit: David Simon Gallant of Toronto, Canada is an unrepentant racist that routinely compares black people to Chimpanzees. Time to piss another sperg off and include them in my mass harassment campaign against Nora Reed and various asspatters. With Nora Reed shutting down her Twitter...