1. trannyfucker

    Dramacow Caroline Farrow / CF_Farrow / CaroWithTheGoodHair / BlondPidge

    Edit Caroline Farrow is the sort of person they wheel out on TV in the UK when they need someone to represent 'religious opinion'. With a husband who is a Catholic priest, and gin money from her Catholic spergatory in print and on TV, Caroline has no need to battle trannies and crazy gay baby...
  2. Tempest

    Lolcow Skylar Ittner / Keep Carroll Catholic / skylarmt / / Skylar the Troll Master

    Skylar Ittner, pictured below, is a habitually reckless and malicious person whose contempt for personal responsibility is only rivaled by his contempt for homosexuals. He was removed from a Catholic college for harassing its gay students and then the college staff itself after being instructed...
  3. chimpburgers

    Manosphere Davis M.J. Aurini and Jordan Owen

    I'm not sure if this person warrants a thread or not, but there's this guy on YouTube that goes by Davis Aurini. He's a Canadian reactionary, author and an MRA that makes all these videos about how the West is totally fucked and lives in Calgary up in Alberta. In one of the questions I asked to...