1. Burning Fanatic


    Hypnohub is an image booru that's been around since 2013, and houses a lot of hypnosis-themed content from all over the web. Most of it is reposted from DeviantArt, Tumblr, Hentai Foundry, and Pixiv, with the occasional artist uploading their art directly to the site. The fetish can result in...
  2. scared sheep

    Cringeworthy Drug Experience Thread

    If you've been on the internet for longer than 3 years or so, you've probably heard someone from the 90's reminisce about Erowid, and may be wondering, what is it? Why, it's a site about drugs, with a focus on hallucinogens. There are other sites similar, like psychonautwiki, and tons of forums...
  3. Feline Darkmage

    TGWTG "Nostalgia Critic" / Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis, Holly Christine Brown, et al

    Update: The past month has not been kind to Michaud & the Walker Brothers. A 70 page document hosted on google docs by Lupa & other former CA contributors paints a picture of massive decade-spanning incompetence...
  4. L


    TrollX wins the award for the most radical change in a subreddit, ever. Originally used to post gender-swapped memes and rage comics, in recent years turned into a wretched hive of SJWs and virtue signalling. Constantly causing drama, falling for trolls, shilling for basic bitch feminism and...
  5. Feline Darkmage

    Infected Dead Horse Interchange (DHI) We all know people who like to like to talk about lolcows and internet drama are the biggest lolcows, and I bring you more proof of this. Dead Horse Interchange (also known as Dead Horse Interchangable or DHI) is an internet drama website that...
  6. ~ Drama Llama Ding Dong ~

    American Fart Association of America (Community)

    American Fart Association of America (archive link) is a Facebook community page based out of Hudson, Wisconsin which currently has 2,077 members who have no problem telling everyone they enjoy farts more than the average human being. You can find out some 'juicy' information on the about page...
  7. Feline Darkmage

    Community r/BeautyGuruChatter BeautyGuruChatter is a subreddit that was brought to our attention in the ThriftThick thread due to their part in the drama surrounding her being accused of Racism. She is one of the sub's biggest topics alongside Jeffrey Starr. Instead of just being...
  8. R

    Community Mukbang YouTubers

    Thin South Koreans popularized eating large meals live on webcam while interacting with their online audiences via chat. This has since been perverted by American youtubers to binge, film a monologue and make a permanent record of their highly disordered eating, all while cajoling to their...
  9. CatParty


    stumbled across this forum for self proclaimed "sociopaths" "are there any real sociopaths here?" (watch the salt) community infighting lol...

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