1. Dyn

    Opposition Bloc

    I think renfamous is a beautiful and intelligent dox queen who picked out her target, bided her time, collected her receipts, and then dropped a dox right between the eyes of a Kiwi, and it was beautiful. Everyone who flapped their hands angrily at that dox and refused to accept it or apparently...
  2. Null

    2019-06-22 - Padma McCord: "Defamatory Thread Removal"

    Hello, There is a defamatory & low quality thread about me, Padma McCord, on your site & it needs to be removed. Thread: Users in this thread make false statements...
  3. damian

    Sea Salt Mine

    This thread is dedicated to the smug hot takes about the Vic Mignogna lawsuit. 04/18/2019 - ROUND 1 - Vic Mignogna v Funimation / jamie Marchi / Monica Rial / Ron Toye Even with >$100K in a War Chest and a "BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" Law Firm led by Ty "FEAR THE" Beard representing Vic Mignogna...
  4. A

    Whale Wars