1. G

    Skitzocow Gina Marie Fournier / ginafournier1

    Gina Fournier is most certainly not an asshole and is a very nice person who has never been disruptive to the communities around her with gigantic signage with vulgarities, by being rude to neighbors to the point of receiving PPOs and obnoxious to police officers. There really isn't a better...
  2. Q

    Skitzocow Dana Marie Cain / Oracle of Venus / The Scorpion

    LOL WANTED! Dana M. Cain 202 S. Emerson St./1404 N. Center St. Bloomington, IL 61701 Dana Marie Cain is a 48 year old alcoholic, cock-gobbling, man-hating, tranny-reviling, Bible-thumping, Pagan/Christian apologist, former Scientologist, anti-semitic, spousal-abusing...
  3. MintChocolateChip

    Apocalypse Soon/End of the Worlders

    This is my first thread but I didn't see a thread for one of my favorite cow types, the hide in your bunker and say your prayers apocalypse 'prophets'. We all know and have seen these prophets, somewhat akin to that screaming homeless man on the side of the road wearing a sign about repenting...