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    We need a 3PL
  1. W

    Trainwreck Cyndi Wilde / Kitty Danger

    BP cow hopeful Cyndi Wilde / Kitty Danger of New York is an obese "damsel in distress" bondage fetishist Her super cringe superheroine videos were featured on Tosh.O a couple years ago. Around that time she claimed to delete everything but continued to remain active. She claims that...
  2. Johnny 13 gun

    Cosplay Nicole "Sheena" Duquette "Oum"

    Up until the events of today, I wasn't sure if Sheena truly deserved a thread. A 36-page "open letter" that paints her as the poor, poor victim by an evil, evil company proves that she is, though. Let's begin. OVERVIEW: Sheena was born as Nicole Duquette as a Canadian citizen. She secretly...
  3. T

    Queen Pixyteri / Sarah Guilbeaux

    If this is unnecessary then by all means delete, but the other thread has gotten really stupid, with hundreds of pages of "pixy is fat and i would not have sex with her :epik:" comments. Pixyteri is everyone's favourite crazy weeb, I'm gonna post the most recent updates I have heard from the...