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  1. damian

    Careercow Mark Waid / William Mark Waid

    UPDATE: Richard Meyer Sues Mark Waid Over ‘Tortious Interference With Contract and Defamation’ Posted by Rich Johnston September 29, 2018 ( The full court document runs below. RELATED LLC THREAD...

    حلال Lucas "Williams"/Wolf / Financhu Crisis / IslamicContent / Johnny Ray Bucchi / Rimjob Bob, etc

    Right, so, our favorite sperg @IslamicContent decided to return tonight as @Marktwainfan and weening stupidly hard about weens weening on some random video on youtube. He's also made a return as @GoSteelers, @AdultAutisticChild, and now @UncleLarry. As of 12/27/16, he's returned once more as...