1. Colmerry

    Dramacow Dayton HyperNova / Earl Shultz / Cade Dorian Paradoxa / Earl David Shultz / th3bl8ckm8sQu3r8d3

    "It's called fashion sweaty" Earl Shultz (Chosen name: Cade Dorian Paradoxa, better known as Dayton HyperNova) is a manipulative musician, music video producer, and self-proclaimed "pseudo-narcissist" tranny with a DUI who got popular from episode 365 of Revenge of the Cis. Earl frequently...
  2. YourUnclesDad

    Graeme Kelly / Irishbrony1988 / @IrishbronyKelly

    Meet Graeme Kelly, a 30 year old brony from Kildare, Ireland. He loves cuddling MLP plushies and seeks a gamer girlfriend. Graeme loves porn, especially MLP porn. He is very active on Twitter and talks almost daily about depression, wanting a girlfriend, and not being a pedophile. "Talking...
  3. Cast Away

    Greg Paul / Gregory Paul / Vlogdad / GP Coming At Ya!

    I’m surprised no one has made a thread on this guy yet, so here we go I guess. Meet Greg Paul. He’s the father of Jake and Logan Paul, two exceptional individuals known for jerking off their young fanbase for cash and fame. In fact, both of them have a thread on the farms...
  4. Cherie Bomb

    Orbiter Jetrex / Jetrex56 / Logan Alan Westfall

    (edited by neger to make OP) TLDR: Jetrex was some guy involved with Jonathan Ross who was involved with the Sons of Kojima who were involved with DSP. He has been arrested on suspicion of molesting an 8 year old child. Bail increased to $4,000,000 from $2,100,000 SEX PENETRATION BY OBJECT...
  5. A

    Lolcow Todd Daugherty / N9OGL / Fox Smith / Doc Dot

    MOD NOTE: Harping on Todd's loli/pedoness will earn you a threadban. There is plenty about Todd to laugh at, please don't ruin it with your pedosperging/pedobait. NO ONE CARES. Todd Daugherty is an angry, autistic manlet from Taylorville, Illinois. He is currently sitting in prison with two...
  6. InLivingTuna

    Artcow Michael John Kricfalusi / John Kricfalusi / John K. / John K. Stuff / Raymond Spum

    People who are fans of western animation will probably not need any introduction here, John Kricfalusi is the creator of Ren and Stimpy and a pioneer of cartoons. He's also kind of a nut, and was fired from Ren and Stimpy because of his inability to meet deadlines and his bizarre ego he put into...
  7. scared sheep

    Lolcow murrlogic / murrlogic1 / damien6 / MickleMackleMcKay / Michael McKay

    Can you guess what these two images have in common? No? Well don't worry your thick, albeit, pretty skull, this fellow can explain it! Links
  8. Feline Darkmage

    JFG / Jean-Francois Gariepy / jfgariepyneuro / The French Pervert / The Public Space

    Meet Jean-Francois JF is a French-Canadian former Academic at Duke University He's also a huge pervert and trainwreck in progress "I've seen chihuahua cocks a lot." "On Episode 21 J.-F. made a comment about how he liked to lick legs "for at least thirty minutes" "I just hate criminals, I...
  9. L

    TomSka / Thomas Ridgewell / @thetomska

    Thomas "Tomska" Ridgewell used to be one of the most well known comedy channels in the UK. Internationally his work on the "ASDF" movies is what he's best known for, he's also the voice of the character Tom in the late great Edd Gould's Eddworld series and later took over the show at his best...
  10. L

    Horrorcow Preston Ward Condra

    Preston Ward Condra is a YouTuber who uploads multiple videos a day, usually clips from TV shows or him filming his soft toy collection. His online presence is spread out through multiple websites, notably where he seems to have at least some sort of a reputation. Most of the...
  11. Feline Darkmage

    TGWTG Kyle Kallgren / Oancitizen / Brows Held High

    Update: Creepy Kyle the Cuck tried to sleep with a woman by crawling into a bed with her at MAGFest 2013 when she didn't want him to. Update 2: An ex-girlfriend has come out and spoken up about him abusing her and being a petty bitch. Meet Kyle, If you talk about Eggnog Ninjas you will be...
  12. Bryan Dunn

    CoachRedPill / Gonzalo Lira / expat229

    I would like to introduce you all to this lovely individual Mr. Gonzalo Lira a.k.a CoachRedPill. Now you may know who this exceptional Individual is from his repeated jabs at sperg Kraut and Tea, but if not I highly recommend you watch his videos on him here...
  13. Feline Darkmage

    Trainwreck Gwen Hartley & The Hartley Hooligans

    [NOTICE: Don't ask in the thread for people to call CPS on Gwen for being neglectful and shitty to her children. It's been discussed and calling the authorities is considered a trolling plan and as such will be shunned. The circumstances of the meatloaves in this thread may be disturbing but not...
  14. CatParty

    Careercow Max Landis [Dec 15, 2016 at 8:23 AM] @CatParty: @Null, is max landis too famous to be a lolcow? [Dec 15, 2016 at 8:25 AM]...
  15. Feline Darkmage

    Aguyuno / Azure / Timothy "Tim" Craig

    Timothy Craig Toronto, Ontario, Canada DoB: March 31, 1989 SATEC @ W.A. Porter C.I., class of 2007 Most recently studying Social Service Work at Centennial College Facebook (archive) LinkedIn (archive) DeviantArt [recently deactivated] (historical archive) - the DA accounts he was watching were...
  16. Feline Darkmage

    Careercow Justin Dennis / Riley Jay Dennis

    So I was thinking about this in the Milo Stewart thread that this one here deserved a thread. Much of the post is the work of @McRascal Goodreads profile. His goodreads profile. Apparently he wrote a trilogy of generic YA fantasy. From what I can read of it on the previews and the reviews...
  17. Feline Darkmage

    Horrorcow Ryan Clark / MistyStuffer

    Meet Ryan Clark, a professional at creating DeviantArt horrors. He's a cow that I've been meaning to make a thread on for a while, and somebody I was tracking since even before finding out about the Kiwi Farms. He, like many other lolcows, has an ED Page that comes up when you run a google...
  18. SpacePanther

    Horrorcow Lucas Werner

    Your trolling plans probably suck. Before you break the law to piss Werner off, read this: This is Lucas Werner, a 37 year old, homeless liberal atheist that is a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders. What exactly qualifies this man as a horrowcow? Werner has an obsession with wanting to bang...
  19. Zorceror44

    Trainwreck Onision / James Gregory Jackson / Gregory James Daniel/Jackson/Avaroe

    There might be a few typos in this, it's not like I have a team of editors working around the clock. Have you ever hated someone so much that you just wanted to tell the whole world how much you hate them? Well, meet Gregory James Daniel, also known as Onision. Okay, how has no one made a...

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