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  1. Null

    2019-07-12 - Jonathan Bishop: DMCA to Google UK

    Internationally renown cuck Jonathan Bishop of "Crocel News", a small and shitty blog, has once again cried about us. He's written numerous times on the site and myself and even my mother in an attempt to make her unemployable, but since no one reads his blog it's whatever. He's once again found...
  2. Ginger Piglet

    Careercow Jonathan Bishop (Crocels News/Research/Press/Base/Trolling Academy, Dzon Bishop, BonathanJishop)

    Following the Angel Garden / Steve Paris rabbit hole led me to the expert's report they commissioned for the purposes of their lolsuit. It was written by a so-called Internet Trolling Expert who gloried in the name of Jonathan Bishop. Here he is: He's a local councillor in the Rhondda...