1. Crunchy Leaf


    Mod Notice: This thread is for laughing at faggy Reddit soyboys, not deep discussions on polyarmory or whatever. Go to Deep Thoughts if you want that trash fire. r/polyamory is what you get when you combine cuckoldry, SJWs, anti-SJWs, fake bisexuality, a complete lack of understanding of...


    The internet is full of a bunch of fuckin strange things, and this community is no exception Findom(Finical Domination) is when a hoe assumes control over the finances of a beta fag to pay for all of her shit that she doesn't want to. What makes this even more pathetic is that usually this...
  3. José Mourinho

    Social Justice Warriors

    Last thread was locked due to feminism sperging. So let's continue. :3 For those who are new to this, here you go: 1. What are Social Justice Warriors? Encyclopedia Dramatica Definition: In a simpler way, the main goal of SJWs is to try to...