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  1. Wurstbrot

    ACKs the King #78, Sept. 26, 2019

    The guy who leaves his house once per week and has a severe lack of authentic opinions is ready to answer your questions about his suffering, money, taxes, bills, videogames, movies he has or hasn't watched, fast food and the same shit we've heard a million times before. Except he retcons his...
  2. BabygotACKACKACK

    Favorite Dsp lie/phrase/retcon?

    I know the pigroach is the creature of 10,000 lies, he loves to retcon everything from his birth to what he did 30 seconds ago. He also has quite the way of saying shit so exceptional you can’t wonder if he has a bit of the tism What’s your favorite lie(twitch loves me and my streams), favorite...
  3. thebonesauce

    [1-Nov-2018] Phil vs Tevin

    video: ------------------------ So for those somehow not in the know, I will try to briefly explain what has happened up to this point. Yesterday was Phil’s Halloween stream. The main attraction was Kat. The stream began and she was forced to sit, watch, and just read the chat. She had no...
  4. thebonesauce

    [19-10-2018] Superhacker group blackmailing DSP?

    (Credit to @RobVC3 for bringing this to our attention and archiving it as the original post was not long after removed) https://archive.fo/4pix0 So it would appear someone named theshadowbroker (initialed S.B.) posted the above thread to The King Of Hate forums. The gist of the post is that...
  5. Ol' Slag

    Could Phil get dropped from Curse?

    https://kiwifarms.net/threads/the-youtube-mcn-purge-youtube-networks-drop-thousands-of-creators-as-youtube-policy-shifts.42420/ With MCN's basically being told by YT to remove certain content creators from their network, could this bode badly for Phil? Would Phil even care? What platform...
  6. neger psykolog

    Orbiter Nbuduisi "Jkid" Okeh / Jkid

    So one of the running jokes about DSP is that he not only attracts the most exceptional individuals on planet earth, but that also understanding these exceptional individuals themselves is akin to trying to understand the time cube (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Cube) As luck would have it...
  7. neger psykolog

    Twitch company changes & DSP

    In this thread we can discuss/follow Twitch as its own company (as well as the head company Amazon if its relevant). The kind of events that may at some point happen within Twitch and effect DSP would be: Dramatic staff/ownership changes Revenue split changes Copyright enforcement changes...
  8. Wurstbrot

    Are we really jealous of Phil's success?

    When I'm not masturbating I do some thought-things with my braini-brain. And sometimes it leads to a topic which cannot be not written down; call it some autistic behaviour. I'm sure my words won't lead to anything since it's common knowledge and discussed a million times. But I also won't like...
  9. neger psykolog

    Orbiter Mastaakumu / Krischner Wilson / Kris Wilson / Conservative Vanguard / Newwave Sons of Kojima Leader

    DSP really is the biggest autism magnet in recorded history. TLDR: some faggot decided to relaunch The Sons of Kojima and posted a huge autistic video with heavy voice changing and a bunch of dumb shit: http://archive.fo/Vnauz Transcript of video that they provided in a comment...
  10. neger psykolog

    Cooking with Kat (and DSP) thread

    This is the thread where you can post the culinary expeditions of Phil & Kat and critique them for not being true & authentic enough (similar in fashion to the Jack Scalfani thread) No detail is too small, so make sure to talk at length about authenticity, technique and general presentation...
  11. neger psykolog

    True & Authentic life advice for Kat

    There are a significant number of posts in the DSP megathread about "life advice" for Kat, so I've created this thread is in the same vein as the DSP "real criticism" thread This means that only serious posts/suggestions for Kat should be posted here. As its largely unknown what Kat is like...
  12. Monday Michiru

    What DSP moment(s) made you realize Phil is totally irredeemable?

    The Leanna hospital tell-all or the recent dox harvest probably came to mind for a lot of you. But jog your noggin to look for additional examples. Optimists welcome. My honest conclusion is that Phil is pathological. Unable to truly change. His life will be nonstop "hate" from everywhere he...
  13. Feline Darkmage

    Orbiter Ra'Shon Sanders / Crossing Eden / Eden's Cross / AlchemistFromEden / UmbranAlchemist

    Encyclopedia Dramatica states: Eden on the subject of Metal Gear Solid character, named Quiet + Sucking the dick of other shitty GAF poster, Lime Dox Courtesy of @Ride in the NeoGAF thread Name: Ra'Shon Sanders DOB: January 19th, 1994 Location: Philadelphia, PA Education: University of the...
  14. I'mPushingButtons

    Best of This is How You Don't Play's

    When it comes to DSP lore and TIHYDP's I am a filthy casual. What are some of the best videos to watch, what are the funniest moments and why should I spend time watching a fat man with a bad goatee play games poorly?
  15. JoRo

    Orbiter Fred Fuchs / Freddy Boy

    Updates: The SoK is dead Members who still haven't spoken out Fred (hiding playing destiny 2 alone) Fizz (shit twitlonger and deleting his account like a dumbass and his girlfriend protected hers after insulting everyone) Evilaj (no apologies, just said to leave if you don't like his actions)...
  16. Bryan Dunn

    Orbiter BSV / Vidar Viking Elvi / BrightSideViking / DarthRadeonViking

    Notice to Twitch Staff; Vidar has claimed in this post he sent a link to this thread in his ban appeal. I would like to point out that immediately after claiming to have used this website as evidence he does not send violent threats and is the victim of harassment, he told one of my users to...
  17. El Porko Fako

    Orbiter Zach Lawless / Zachl1226

    This guy was very briefly discussed in the DSP A-log cringe thread, but after going through some of his social media, I believe this dude warrants his own thread. Meet Zach Lawless. He is a 25 year old from New Jersey who's "autistic and proud of it." He is the founder of the online group...
  18. CatParty

    Bryan Dunn / King of /pol/ (KoP) / The Armed Toast / The Exceptional Detective / BoomerPhil

    Ostracized by gamergate and brought to the lolcow forefront by interacting with parkourdude, it is time for a King of /pol/ thread. Twitter: https://twitter.com/CuckenJohnson Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/kingofpol Reddit fun...
  19. A Witty Name

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell

    DarksydePhil is a terrible middle-aged Let's Player with self-entitlement issues and a massively inflated ego. He is a Lolcow with a large cult following who watch only to see him and his business deteriorate. Timeline of "General Discussion": 2013: [1-15] (#1 to #291) 2014: [15-58] (#292 to...

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