1. Diabeetus

    Inactive Desmond Daniel Amofah / Etika / Etika World Network

    Etika, once beloved by those who knew him and his content, is now going through a public mental breakdown of epic proportions. I'm surprised he isn't known as Nigga Antwiler at this point, because his downfall is very easily comparable to that of The Spoony One, and it looks like his insanity is...
  2. Feline Darkmage

    Inactive Chronically Jaquie / Jaquie Beckwith / Jaquie Blake, Husband Judd Beckwith, & Helper Dog Harlow

    Meet Chronically Jaquie, ascendant queen of the spoonies. She faked illnesses until she actually made herself sick, and then she passed away this morning due to complications from an unnecessary and extremely invasive type of feeding tube. Name: Jaquelin Isabel Beckwith (nee Blake) Born: March...
  3. YourUnclesDad

    Inactive Carl Kish

    This is Carl Kish, an exceptional man who lives in Fox Lake Wisconsin. He is a member of the "Bubble Shit Fart Club." He recently got evicted from his house and blames all of his problems in life on his ex-landlord. Carl films himself eating everyday and thinks people enjoy watching it. Here are...
  4. Reynard

    Inactive Simba Lion / Steven Hopps

    UPDATE: After being shot by police on November 19th 2019, Simba has died (presumably from his gunshot wounds) over the weekend. Original mod edit: Simba is now in the hospital in critical condition after shooting two cops, only to be shot by them. On November 4th, 2019 he was notified by his...
  5. Smutley

    Inactive Elizabeth Waite / John Waite Jr.

    Elizabeth Waite The Little Tranny That Couldn't 32 Years Old South Dakota This OP was done quick and dirty, because the Rat King has been in overdrive casting blame and acting as if they cared about Elizabeth and were her friends. It was also done this way because as myself and a few others...
  6. José Mourinho

    Careercow Jim Sterling (James Stanton/Sexton) & in memoriam TotalBiscuit (John Bain)

    Jim Sterling and TotalBiscuit. Two names that really caught the attention of PC gamers (with them being mentioned a lot in PC gaming communities like the PC Master Race subreddit) and they knew who they are even if they never watched a video from them. So why they are in one thread? Because they...
  7. juntaro

    Inactive Julie Terryberry

    Meet Julie Terryberry, she just turned 18 and lives with her 28 (going on 29 year old boyfriend.) Mike Holland. She is looking for more polyamorous partners. Julie has ADHD, Asperger's/Autism, is suicidal, etc. Essentially, she is an emotional and mental trainwreck, she has extreme anger...
  8. Null

    Inactive Dynastia / Fagnasty / Caylen Matthew Burroughs

    @Dynastia is an abbo fucker who shitposts to hide the pain he suffers from having gas huffing crotch rot.
  9. Kitlen

    Inactive Chance Carmichael / AFatChance / 600goingon700 / 700goingon800 / idontwantthisbutok

    Oh God, where do I start with this horror. I accidentally stumbled across him browsing /fit/ one day. Meet 600goingon700 a man not only TRYING to gain more weight, but fetishizes it and has creepy followers. As his user name says, 600goingon700 is literally over 600 pounds, and actively trying...
  10. Bassomatic

    Inactive Baraka Mkray / Nicholas Charles McCrary

    Edit: it won't let me change thread but full power word : Nicholas McCrary I don’t really know where to start here with our super star of not getting laid and hate twisted up with pure insanity and a 1000 yard stare that makes D-day survivors look down right wide eyed. Baraka is a member (and...
  11. Smutley

    Inactive Chloe Sagal / John Paul Neumann

    2018-June-22 RIP 2015-May-08 For a quick updated guide on Chloe as of 5/8/15, see this post. Chloe Sagal is an indie game developer who created such sought after titles as...
  12. G

    Inactive James Greathouse / Ebon Lupus

    Does anyone remember this guy? I do. Ebon Lupus, or 'Loopy', is a dogfucker and hardcore wolfaboo grandpa from Oregon who once was a massive advocate for making pooch-porking acceptable, as well as routinely raping his dogs and posting extensive guides on how you can rape yours too. He also...
  13. Dark Mirror Hole

    Inactive Terry A. Davis / Terrence Andrew Davis

    (Old OP was shit, and was replaced with the much better version provided by @CIA Nigger ) Recently MisterMetokur made a video on Terry A Davis and due to this I decided to quit lurking and make a better introduction post for this thread. Terry A Davis is a somewhat infamous figure in various...

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