1. Scarlett Johansson

    Zac Bertschy killed himself Zac Bertschy has been with Anime News Network for over 20 years. His contributions to ANN have helped make it what it is today. And while Zac is no longer with us, he will always be a part of ANN...
  2. Hamplanet Fitness

    Dylan Hafertepen / noodlesandbeef / ekigyuu / beefdumplings / California Cow

    "Thank you for allowing me to serve you." -Jack Chapman, 1990-2018, last words Noodles & Beef, aka Dylan Hafertepen, is not your typical gay muscle-bear. He's into BDSM and polyamory; while most gay couples have the occasional threesome, Dylan's relationship is something else. He is the...
  3. bbpoison

    Outrage 0: Coda

    Takeshi Kitano kills everyone like usual in this final movie of the Outrage trilogy. So excited! It comes out October 7., 2017 in Japan. How long will the internet take to release this with english subtitles? Nobody on the internet talked about his last movie with the old men yakuza so who...