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  1. Vinluv Handesbukia

    Skitzocow Joe Winko

    INTRODUCTION: Who is Joe Winko? On the internet,there are many Weirdo Nobodies with Egos the size of Supernovas,but nobody really takes the cake as Joe Winko. Joe Winko is defined by many things,his obsessions,his art,his costume,and an ego as fat as he is thin. Joe Winko is a self described...
  2. Yukari Yakumo

    sunlightcalibur1996 / teamextremesonic2417 / Katelyn "Calibur"

    Hello friends, today I'll be showing you a lolcow I've known for several months now. This may be my first attempt at making a coherent thread, so I hope you enjoy. Basic Summary sunlightcalibur1996 or as she now calls herself "Calibur" (note: we'll call her 'Katelyn' from here on out.) is an...
  3. damian

    Dramacow Xavier Pace / Perfection / TheSuperItachi / Lord Paragon / Lord Perfection / Paragon Perfection / PerfectionSama

    Xavier Pace, more prominently known as Perfection or SuperItachi, is a Dragon Ball youtuber with the sole goal of becoming the face of the YT Dragon ball community at any cost. This includes doxing family members, faking screenshots, taking away context of actual screenshots and spreading lies...
  4. Lazybird8654

    Emily Kaelyn Amaya Lewis / Anniston Lewis / Kouma / Moonknife / Anniston Placesetter / siickle / NuzzieKoma

    Kouma is a Trans Furry with many mental disorders that has groomed a minor. Kouma is generally known outside of her for doing animation memes which are animated so bad they make Birdie's old videos look good: Kouma first got the attention of ED after creating Lamma the Deer (deleted with no...
  5. Quetzalcoatl

    Tyler Bowie / MickeyMouseFan01 / MickeyMouse000024 / MickeyTheDisneyFan01

    Ahhh, New Years Eve. A perfect day to start drinking, maybe to gather your family and be together having fun, how about socializing with your friends, and then going to see that shiny ball go down in NYC... or maybe to actually stir a strange commotion. Now that's not the New Year spirit I...
  6. Null

    Thread Requests & Resources

    If you know of someone that is probably worthy of a thread, post names here with links to relevant content. It's also a good idea to suggest a board to place it in. We're still not a personal army. If there's nothing funny about a person, no one will make a thread for you. Thread Resources...
  7. ATaxingWoman

    Tiana Ellison / Tiapunky / That One Fuzzbutt / selfinserttrash / Esme Bunfox / EsmeTheBlackblood

    Tiapunky / Tiana Ellison / That One Fuzzbutt / selfinserttrash / Esme Bunfox / EsmeTheBlackblood / toffee_candoco / hypertads Born: 12–09–1993. Location: Phoenix, Arizona (formerly San Diego, California) Basic information Meet Tiapunky (real name: Tiana Ashley Ellison), the pansexual...
  8. scared sheep

    Lolcow murrlogic / murrlogic1 / damien6 / MickleMackleMcKay / Michael McKay

    Can you guess what these two images have in common? No? Well don't worry your thick, albeit, pretty skull, this fellow can explain it! Links
  9. ZiFeRKaIa

    Kurt McConkey / PataponCreeper / PC / Mysterious-Cat-01

    Meet Kurt McConkey, aka Mysterious-Cat-01/PataponCreeper. Kurt is diaper fetish artist on DA and spends most his time making low quality videos on his YouTube channel. He is also a white knight of BlueCatRiolu, DanielHerox2.0, and Darlalloons26 despite knowing about the drama that each of them...
  10. WhyDidIDoThis

    Krystianna Leigh Boone / Buttons / Buttons Pastel Star / Buttons Reviews / Bashful Story Fox / Zev / FNGR's Girlfriend

    Introduction Buttons is a deviantart artist who is known for, among other things, dating Anthony Aguilar. However, apart from just dating a bonafide lolcow, she is more than capable of being one by herself. Cringey Art To start off with, her artwork is MS Paint art that would make even first...
  11. Olhelm

    Artcow WaRrior9100

    I'm honestly shocked that I never see this guy mentioned anywhere. Meet WaRrior. He's a 20+ year old exceptional individual that has over 700 pieces of art that invariably include some form of shipping, involving every possible fandom you can think of. His...
  12. Allen John Jones III

    Allen John Jones III / Coolbreeze88 / Ambition1394 / XBLspartanx170 / Webmaster16 / NoName360 / Axis

    MOD NOTICE yo, nice to finnaly have a kiwi farms account. i have been lurking on this forum for a while and its reassuring to see that im not the only one who think she's an unpleasant, bigoted, egotistical piece of crap.... or at least that's the image she gives off...were not really sure...
  13. Akpofure

    Artcow SB99stuff

    SB99, competing to get the High Score: A little context: In the BenTheLooney thread, an artist named SB99 was brought up as a friend of Ben's and a potential lolcow. Much like Ben, who initially appears to be just another failed YouTube ranter all it takes is a look at his/her/its gallery...
  14. WeeGee

    Cultcow Thomas Lloyd / SolidMario / Blueraccoon27 / DarthChaos / CrimsonTuba1069 & many more #2

    Thread one link Read before you post! He has admitted to having pedo urges. This thread is to discuss SolidMario and his antics only and he will be threadbanned from posting in this thread, so any updates and news about him can go here. As it used to be to debate him on his sock puppetry...
  15. Bluey

    Riolu947 / RiolutheBlueCat / BlueCatRiolu / Nicolas Salerno (Internet Banishment)

    Nicolas Salerno, alias Riolu947 and BlueCatRiolu may seem like a typical fetish loving tartlet but on closer inspection, his rabbit hole goes deep . Nick has been known to disregard any criticism towards his artwork, make mishmash stories involving his blue self-insert, various female cat...