dick masterson

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  1. Superman93

    Trashfire The Dick Masterson Simp Conspiracy

    This thread will serve as a proper TL;DR for those who are wondering whats going on and don't want to hop in between multiple threads to get full details. Update 5/11/2020: Ethan Ralph false flags a clip channel that post videos making fun of him. Scroll down to the bottom of the OP for...
  2. L

    Dax Herrera / Dick Masterson & The Dick Show, New Project 2

    There's been so much dickscussion in the main forums I'm surprised we haven't got a thread on Dick Masterson's podcast yet. Who here watches the Dick Show?
  3. RadicalCentrist

    George Ouzounian v. Dax Herrera et al (2017)

    ALERT: If you are new to this thread from the homepage, here's a good summary of the autism shitstorm Updates: Dax has bought Maddox's debt legally and can now fuck with him as much as he wants George "Ouzounian" is former internet funnyman Maddox, whose site was much beloved for it's...