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  1. mindlessobserver

    James Damore et al v. Google LLC (2017)

    James Damore, David Gudeman and others of their class (et al) are bringing suit against Google LLC in the Superior Court of California for the County of Santa Clara. They are alleging 9 separate unlawful acts by Google based upon discrimination and official reprisal against employees based upon...
  2. redcent

    Manosphere Grotesque / Grotesquesubhuman / Unattractive Failure

    So in the depths of the groups of Incels out there are some of the more sicker folks. One turned up, proud to discuss his fetish for women with acid burns on their face Apparently he had a counsellor who's mother had cancer. What did this fine, sensitive man have to say about such a sad turn...
  3. Old Wizard

    Careercow Liam Madigan / Lily Tess Madigan

    This is Liam "Lily" Madigan, the new Women's Officer of the UK Labour Party. Keep in mind that the role of Women's Officer is for women only. Liam found a loophole. He publicly campaigned (along with MRA Adrie Van Der Meer) to have former Woman's Officer Anne Ruzylo removed from her post...
  4. Pointless Pedant

    Drucilla Violet Adams / Fluffy teh wolf / DarkiinKayn / Kira

    Drucilla Violet Adams 7825 Brownwood Avenue NW, Canal Fulton, Ohio Age: 19 https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Fluffy_teh_wolf Archive https://archive.fo/7wVtR Electoral register https://voterrecords.com/voter/75571119/drucilla-adams Deviantart https://darkiinkayn.deviantart.com/ Archive...
  5. R

    Sapphixy / Serenity Dee / Sean Simpson / Siobhan Simpson / Asymbina / Asymptotic Binary

    Meet Sapphixy https://twitter.com/sapphixy/status/913840374736654336 (http://archive.li/i5E3R) Sapphixy is a Twitter user who has shown up in other rat kingers' past posts such as in Jake Alley's and David S. Gallant's. What they are most notorious for, is their vigorous defense of Benjanun...
  6. Feline Darkmage

    Lolcow Anthony L. Figueroa / Tony Figg / The Bronx Blogger / BronxJusticeWarrior

    https://twitter.com/ChrisRGun/status/929205858608693248 http://archive.li/uhPNo https://twitter.com/thebronxblogger (currently locked as of posting) https://www.youtube.com/user/tonyfigg https://curiouscat.me/BronxBlogger (largely inactive, only 2 posts) Anthony Figueroa, better known as...
  7. Audit_The_Autist

    Fellowship of the Minds/Maria Hsia Chang

    Have you ever sat down and wondered what would happen if you merged the religious right with the conspiracy loving alt right? Wait no longer, for any question that you may have ever had, Fellowship of the Minds has your answer. Since their founding in December 2009, this group of spergs have...
  8. Goda

    Hulex / Kid Internet / Alex Truglio

    Suddenly a bunch of Nazis, oops I'm sorry, white supremacists, oops I'm sorry "Alt-Righters" felt validated, enabled, powerful, protected. And here's the shitty thing: they are. They advocate for a white ethnostate. They don't just want to deny rights for minorities, they want them dead...
  9. CIA Nigger

    Connor Goodwolf / David Leroy Ross Jr / Insane Kangaroo / @CGoodwolf

    Public furry telegram groups are an infinite source of drama. Sometimes however when an admin is fueling the drama, groups will split up into private groups with most of the same members and become invite only in an attempt to get away from the admin fueling drama. One such person is Connor...
  10. Ginger Piglet

    UK Punting

    Ah, punting. Messing about on the river Thames, listening to the choristers from Magdalen (pronounced Maudlin) Tower, admiring the dreaming spires, and trying to chat up one's equally chinless girlfriend while wearing red trousers and making donkey-like braying noises about how rich one is. Oh...
  11. Allen John Jones III

    Allen John Jones III / Coolbreeze88 / Ambition1394 / XBLspartanx170 / Webmaster16 / NoName360 / Axis

    MOD NOTICE yo, nice to finnaly have a kiwi farms account. i have been lurking on this forum for a while and its reassuring to see that im not the only one who think she's an unpleasant, bigoted, egotistical piece of crap.... or at least that's the image she gives off...were not really sure...
  12. Null

    Lunatics who attack a mentally handicapped person

    First order of business, I'm removing the I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME wordfilter because it did fuck all to convince you people to improve your vocabulary. A I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME is not any person who contacts Chris / any lolcow. A I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME is not anyone who trolls Chris / any lolcow. A I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME is, very specifically, an exceptional individual who wastes...
  13. R

    حلال James Long / Claire Marie Artisine / GrandTheftAutism / Trill / ScreamingLlama / Xerrofoot

    Meet James James is a disabled, pansexual, unemployed Australian who loves playing EVE, The Sims and watching My Little Pony. He's also notable for having been recently banned from these forums for being an idiot over in the Jan_D3 thread. Before we get into the rest of his online...
  14. CatParty

    MLP Movie Fan Cringe

    Gross furry bronies are getting boners over a kids movie. Let’s mock them
  15. Null

    Lovequest October 5th Content Guide

    Jessica Quinn's Facebook profile has been deactivated. As of writing, he has posted a notice on his own Facebook, made a video asking her to call him, made another video cursing the Kiwi Farms, and made a thread on the forum itself cursing us. He has also posted conversation logs between him and...
  16. Golden Compass

    Space Pirate / Fancy Lobster / CuddlyZebesian / Cinox Fellpyre / XanaTarantula / Joshua Howard

    I figured that would help set the tone for this nicely. Space Pirate may be a name you're familiar with if you've browsed the forums here of late, or been at all interested in the current political drama in the furfag kingdom. Grab a drink and a snack, there's a lot of shit contained within...
  17. LegendaryChristorian

    Good Day, People!

    Your combined dream is realized, for I Am The Miss Christine Weston Chandler, and I am here to address my followers (bad ones included, and forgiven (just Do Not talk more Mockery, Smack or anything I would not initially say, against me)). I come here today to begin in directly taking on any...
  18. B

    Zaush / Adam Wan

    Fiiiine. I'll do it. Meet Adam Wan, or Zaush as he's known to furries. Adam is a man in his 30s living in California that draws furry art for a living. He quit his job at Apple (my bad he didn't really work at Apple) to do fulltime furry art ala Patreon. How is one able to make rent in CA of...
  19. Jaiman

    Artcow Christine Deneweth

    According to Everyday Feminism’s Facebook page, Christine Deneweth writes two different series of comics, Long, Bitter, Besides the Point (LBBTP) - a very generic and poor “so relatable XD” comic starring her fursona Everyday Feminism comics - these are poorly drawn comics made to teach...
  20. Spelling Bee

    Infected Kekistan

    Kekistan is a fictional country that originated on 4chan's /pol/ board and became a political movement after being popularized by the Youtube skeptic Sargon of Akkad. A Kekistani man explains the oppression faced by his people and the Egyptian god 'Kek' Despite getting disowned by its...

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