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    We need a 3PL
  1. InLivingTuna

    Zak Kayes / Kayden Seyak / FlameAmigo619 / ToonKriticY2K / CarToonZ / Zakkie Wuskers

    FOR ZAKS DEFENDERS GO HERE https://kiwifarms.net/archive/Zak Kayes/ http://www.horse-news.net/2018/01/toonkriticy2k-solicits-sexual-rp-from-minor.html This is really not a good month to be a brony analyst; from Jerry Peet going on lockdown to Aaron Renk being outed for drawing CP to our very...
  2. Pikapool

    BLM vs. NFL

    First time making a thread so please bear with me OK I really didn't want to touch this subject in fact I thought it would die out but since these SJW pussies aren't getting their way they're crying about it. Yesterday news broke that Miami Dolphins signed Jay Cutler outta retirement instead of...