1. Null

    2019-09-30 - John Caban on behalf of Pinksparkles Media, LLC: "Publication of Private facts"

    This is one of the most hideously malformed copyright complaints I've ever received. There are so many things wrong with it, it is beyond explanation. My only guess is that this woman, who appears to be tangentially related to Andy Warski, got doxed on the forum. She complained about it to John...
  2. Null

    2019-07-12 - Jonathan Bishop: DMCA to Google UK

    Internationally renown cuck Jonathan Bishop of "Crocel News", a small and shitty blog, has once again cried about us. He's written numerous times on the site and myself and even my mother in an attempt to make her unemployable, but since no one reads his blog it's whatever. He's once again found...
  3. A

    Akiva Meir Cohen / AkivaMCohen / Akiva ben Yisroel HaKohen

    Akiva Meir Cohen / AkivaMCohen / Akiva ben Yisroel HaKohen Dox: DOB: June 17, 1978 599 Waukena Ave Oceanside, NY 11572 Email: (Very smart things to post online!) Akiva has five children. The oldest three, from his marriage to his ex-wife Miriam Fein, are twins...
  4. Null

    2019-06-21 - Scott Ford / MoistEagleVent: Escalation of DMCA Complaint

    Fuck this guy. Forwarded from our very lovely and stalwart host, Previous complaint: --- Subject: DMCA Take-down request From: Moist Eagle <> To:
  5. Null

    Approved 2019-06-19 - Sourcebooks, Inc.: "Me and White Supremacy"

    This DMCA affects this post. This attachment. Although it has been disturbed freely by the author, the lack of commentary and...
  6. Null

    2019-06-15 - Joseph Cumia: Google DMCA

    Joseph Cumia, unsatisfied by my response to his DMCA takedown complaint, filed another DMCA complaint to remove Google search results for some content he claims to own. Copyright claim #1 KIND OF WORK: Unspecified DESCRIPTION...
  7. Null

    2019-06-15 - Joseph Cumia: "DMCA takedown request(s)"

    Pursuant to 17 USC 512(c)(3)(A) and the DMCA act, this is a notification that: I, Joseph Cumia, am the copyright owner of content below that was taken without proper consent and posted to kiwi farms, by one of your subscribers, directly from my various social media accounts containing said...
  8. JosephTX

    Anime News Network (ANN), Christopher Macdonald & Co.

    Anime News Network is an pathetic excuse of an 'media' outlet based in Montreal, Canada which is currently trying to follow the GAWKER buisness model through defamation, brigading and dubious legal acts in retaliation to something foreign and considered reprehensible in Canada, freedom of...
  9. Burning Fanatic

    Louis Le Vau / Thomas Nelson / TomApollo / Tehblasta / Fuu-sama

    Thomas Nelson is a stereotypical example of an angry misogynist nerd: the kind that enjoys shitting on real women, loves to argue over nothing, and proudly defends loli-art as freedom of expression. He's taken on the identity of Louis Le Vau, similar to how his friend Carl Benjamin adopted the...
  10. Null

    2018-11-12 - Bradley Hope: DMCA copyright notice

    Reporter's Name: Bradley Hope Copyright Holder's Name: Reporter's Email Address: Reporter's Address: Colleton Close Exmouth, United Kingdom GB Reported URLs: Original Work: The photo was...
  11. trannyfucker

    Megathread Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv / @trustednerd / / JY Knows It / JY British Columbia

    Mod note: This is not the thread for moralfagging, general tranny sperging or dipshit trolling ops. If you engage in any of these, you will be threadbanned. Post actual content instead of bitching. Keep the discussion on Yaniv, not other gross trannies. Jonathan Gill Yaniv (born 12 June 1987)...
  12. Null

    2018-03-08 - Victoria Jones: "This information has not been authorized to be released"

    Reporter's Name: Victoria Jones Reporter's Email Address: Reporter's Title: Transadvocacy Reporter's Company Name: Trans-advocacy of Massachusettes (Suffolk University Law Center) Reporter's Telephone Number: 857-891-7235 Reported URLs...
  13. Null

    2017-11-17 - Skylar Ittner: "Copyright notice"

    tl;dr: trying to claim copyright on screenshots of written text (lol), trying to file dmca without legal return servicing address (lol), using Disposition-Notification-To to try and get a notification when i open the email to prove servicing (lol), threatening legal action over content worth...
  14. MarvinTheParanoidAndroid

    Careercow Alexander Thomas Mauer / Alex Mauer / Lexi Mauer

    Alex Mauer was the musician and sound designer of Starr Mazer DSP, a generic bullet hell game made by Imagos Software, now available on Steam. Props to @Ride for the photo. After the launch of the game, Alex Mauer decided she wasn't being properly compensated for her work, so instead of...
  15. David_cadbury

    Baked Alaska / Tim Treadstone / Tim Gionet / Anthime Joseph Gionet

    This is Baked Alaska aka Tim Treadston aka Tim Gionet aka Anthime Joseph Gionet He is an e-celeb that rose to attention durring the 2016 US elections as one of the main faces of the alt-right. He desperately latched onto whatever movement is popular at the time in an attempt to become that...
  16. chimpburgers

    MundaneMatt / Matt Jarbo / Jihadi Jarbo / Deciple87 / Jarbology / The Quarry King

    Dox Matthew David Jarbo 6537 Alpine Dr SW Olympia WA 98512 DOB March 26, 1982 baby mama / co-habitant Melissa Pauline Sampson DOB September 30, 1981 Since we've been talking about MrMetokur / Internet Aristocrat shit lately, why aren't we talking about this guy at all? After all, Metokur made...

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