dominic vanner

  1. Null

    2019-05-10 - Dominic Vanner: Google Defamation Complaints

    Dominic Vanner has filed the following defamation complaints with Google to remove links to his thread and to his Encyclopedia Dramatica page from Google UK. I would never have known this, because Google UK doesn't even seem to notify the webmaster of these takedowns or give them the...
  2. Todesfurcht

    Careercow Dominic Vanner / Britbong / Eggbong / Manlytears

    [CURRENTLY REVAMPING THE THREAD! BEAR WITH ME!] Do you guys remember back in 2007 when social games were a big deal? You weren't cool unless you had a Gaia, IMVU, or Second Life account. Not to mention now popular memes like "forever alone" and "me gusta" were. For whatever reason though, not...