dragon ball

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  1. Scarlett Johansson

    Stephanie Nadolny / Stephanie Ann Nadolny / stephvox

    Would it be good to have a thread on her? Not to dox of course but to just keep track of the situation with her and Funimation. She is without a doubt the one true victim besides Vic. Stephanie Ann Nadolny Best known as Kid Gohan, Nadolny was unfortunately in the crosshairs of Chris...
  2. F

    Funimation Audio Leaks

    Downloaded and reuploaded to the farms directly, thanks! I got you, fam. EDIT: adding descriptions to the audio files to the OP as penance for my shameful lack of making a new thread Soul Eater Ep 44 Commentary_01.wav Rial and Marchi (IIRC) talking about dicks and generally being immature...
  3. Far Queue

    Kara Edwards / karaedwards

    After the recent storm on Twitter surrounding her affidavit and inconsistencies surrounding it, I think it's about time she earned her own thread. Between her affidavit in which she spins a story so fraught with dread and fright that you have to wonder if she's trying to upstage Monica's own...
  4. Army Burger

    Jamie Lynn Marchi / Jamie Perez / marchimark

    The Dox: DOB: October 8, 1977 9411 Timberleaf Dr Dallas, TX 75243 Jamie Marchi is an anime voice actress who claims she has been the victim of sexual harassment at the hands of Vic Mignogna. She has been one of the more prominent Kickvic supporters, infamously stating that she wanted...
  5. A

    Monica Rial / Monica Jean Rial / Rialisms & Ron Toye / Ronald Toye III / rontoye3

    Bootleg OP: :):):):):) Good OPs (thank you @damian): Monica's twitter archives: https://archive.fo/https://twitter.com/Rialisms* Ron's twitter archives: https://archive.fo/https://twitter.com/RonToye* UPDATE: Monica Rial & @Ron Toye sold the deed to the previous address on December...
  6. mindlessobserver

    Weeb Wars / AnimeGate / #KickVic / #IStandWithVic / #vickicksback

    Please keep this thread for general discussion on the drama or the presentation of new information/personalities. Existing cows related to this drama have their own threads and discussion about them or posting of their latest social media rants should go into those locations. This OP has been...
  7. X-Shaped Weeaboo

    Dragon Ball Thread

    Dragon Ball came back a couple years ago giving us the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga. Given this website is heavily against sperging and I'm tired of YouTube comments with the grammatical consistency of middle school hipsters, I figure a thread on here discussing the show and comic would be...