1. A

    Best liquor to get shit-faced on?

    What's your personal choice, when you just want to get so shit-faced that you forget how much life sucks?
  2. Brandobaris

    TGWTG Nostalgia Chick / Lindsay Ellis / TheDudette

    Lindsay Carole Ellis, Born November 24th 1984 in Johnson City TN. Only Child. Currently resides in Astoria, New York. Former Channel Awesome contributor, Comedy Pop Culture critic, Writer, Editor, Film and Theatre "critic" Lindsay grew up around Roan mountain of the Appalachian Mountains, a...
  3. Feline Darkmage

    Manosphere Peter Andrew Nolan / Joschua Brandon Boehm / Winston Smith / John Rambo / + Many More

    NOTICE: Apparently Peter Andrew Nolan is such a lolcow that one of his sockpuppet accounts known as "John Rambo" / Boycott American Women had a thread of his own here. i have asked the mods for a merger. Start of the old John Rambo thread here : Link Vortbahme's post : Link (Shown Above...