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  1. Twinkie

    "Haydur Nation" Meta / Youtube reaction channel discussion

    Haydur Nation in a nutshell. Haydur Nation is a loosely connected group of youtubers who make reaction videos, comedy edits or hit pieces targeting other youtubers, usually obese women. Initially the “haydurs” would react solely to Amberlynn Reid videos but most reaction channels have since...
  2. Rihanna Ikari

    Gross Anna Johnson / The Fit Vegan Ginger / Creation Nutrition / Anna's Organics Lynchburg

    Anna Johnson - Jesus freak, "healthy living" anorexic, crazy person. Age 21 Lynchburg, VA Mom: Rev Nancy Johnson Dad: Rev R. Bruce Johnson Sister: Lydia Johnson media links: Anna's Organics website and blog Her new instagram, creation_cutrition
  3. Null

    Ashley Isaacs

    (Right is before her miracle "not eating food ever" weight-loss program) Please send ur emotional support 2: FAQ by @Purple People Eater I feel bad for her! Don't white knight for...
  4. Banworld

    Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams

    Steven Jason Williams / Boogie2988 Steven Jay Williams, known by his online handle of Boogie2988, and known better as a hypersensitive fat faggot is was a popular YouTuber. Boogie is sporting, as of writing, 4.36 million subscribers yet rarely breaks 100k views when giving his milquetoast...