eating disorder

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    Gross Anna Johnson / The Fit Vegan Ginger / Creation Nutrition / Anna's Organics Lynchburg

    Anna Johnson - Jesus freak, "healthy living" anorexic, crazy person. Age 21 Lynchburg, VA Mom: Rev Nancy Johnson Dad: Rev R. Bruce Johnson Sister: Lydia Johnson media links: Anna's Organics website and blog Her new instagram, creation_cutrition
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    Gross Ashley Isaacs

    (Right is before her miracle "not eating food ever" weight-loss program) Please send ur emotional support 2: FAQ by @Purple People Eater I feel bad for her! Don't white knight for...
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    Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams

    Check out Boogie 2988 aka Francis Boogie is a fatass youtuber, who gets upwards of 300,00 views for "pretending to be exceptional." Meet Francis, his stupid ass character