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  1. Professor G. Raff

    Off-Topic Has Ralph equaled Chris-Chan in overall cowdom?

    So, what do you think? I would say that on a personal level the gunt is on the same level as Chris for me, but because of nostalgia and less overall internet recognition reach I don't see him as surpassing Chris yet. I think Ralph could totally do something so stupid it gains wider internet...
  2. Vinluv Handesbukia

    Gunt Hunters United A-log monitoring squad (for free)

    ATTENTION ALL A-HOGS With Ethan Ralph’s Little “World Tour” there’s bound to be suckers and wannabe weens clammering to make pulled pork out of our darling boy. It is YOUR task to document and hopefully STOP their assasinations attempts while also harassing the THE BIGMAN himself. Go out Cadets...
  3. Meckhlorde

    Ethan Ralph Exclusive Skype Leaks on Backwards Internet

    Cognitive-thought has combed through yet more of Ethan's more embarrassing skype convo leaks with Fai Fai. I have done the thankless task of pulling the screenshots from his stream onto the forums so you don't have to sit through Cog's boring takes or constant super chat spam. The implied...
  4. MvAgusta

    Inactive Ethan Oliver Ralph’s Ongoing Feuds

    With all the Kino and freak outs by the Gunt, I’ve decided to update this thread and list all of the ongoing feuds the Gunt is in. I call it: World War Gunt (edit: so much has happened that I decided to update this, so anytime another feud happens I’ll put it here) Edit: I am using this list...
  5. Cucktry Roads

    ??/??/2022 GuntaMania - aka RalphaMania - Ralph's Wet T-Shirt Contest

    After Guntfest (Ralph's Bowling Event), Ralph talked about wanting to do a Wet T-Shirt Chest in Tampa. Today it was confirmed that Ralph will be doing an event (along with RV Gunt finally becoming a thing). The details on this are still pretty slim as the news broke during Kino Casino. This...
  6. genericwhitemale

    Sunrise Media / Sunrise Productions

    This isn't an a-lawg thread, I just wanted to start a thread dedicated to Sunrise Media/Productions (channel name is Sunset Productions, but all the videos have Sunrise Media in them), who has been making compilations of Ralph's streams and clips of him in the vein of Wingsofredemption...
  7. Davis O'Shaughnessy

    FIVE STAR DAYS with Ethan Gunt

    Enjoy <- Twitter Link EDIT: So i finally set up the official THEGUNTRETORT website.
  8. CryptoHermit

    Ethan Ralph might be selling an NFT of his son.

    Someone on the Fediverse instance found an open bid for an NFT of Ralph's son Xander. Fediverse Poster who found the ad in question The account on "Rarible" an NFT marketplace was only created recently as "Ethan Oliver Ralph" and the open bid for an NFT of his son is still unsold. The...
  9. naught sock account 1

    Orbiter Peyton Higgins / Seyton Higgins

    Peyton Higgins / Seyton Higgins / Killstream Pey update on our gorl since the creation this op... ( she's not only joined ip2 but found a simp to milk, and he is in fact prolific in his simpdom name Kelvin Mcdonalds. His mission: to...
  10. PhoBingas

    Ethan Ralph's Twitter / Tweets (+ Fediverse spergouts)

    This thread will act as an archive of Ethan's Tweets, please try to keep to the standard Tweet (link) Archive (link) Screenshot (link or post) Tweet Archive Missed this one from earlier. Tweet Archive Retweet 1 Archive 1 Retweet 2 Archive 2 The hog has landed. Repeat - The hog has landed.
  11. naught

    Orbiter Flamenco / Joshua Clayton Connor

    Flamenco is a floundering streamer, and on-off Killstream co-host. In early 2019, the Killstream was nosediving in content quality and viewership, and in the wake of Zidan’s departure from the show, Flamenco was one of several orbiters selected to take his spot on the panel. Many viewers grew to...
  12. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

    Mundane Matt strikes back

    I saved audio version of most of the Boulder Talk Radios that Matt did on the Gunt. Might not be the most riveting content but there's some good stuff here.
  13. Arm Pit Cream

    Orbiter Faith Vickers / Zoomer Girl / Fai Fai

    Faith Vickers is a Californian 4 who is currently bearing Ethan Ralph’s child. As the story goes, Faith and Ralph first became acquainted in late 2019, long before the public at large became aware of her in mid 2020. Early in the summer of last year, a few scattered posts regarding a ‘hot 18...
  14. Superman93

    Orbiter Ashton Joel Parks / People's Populist Press / PPP

    Ashton Parks is a small-time youtuber who developed his reputation in the "IBS-sphere" as the man who relentless shits on other Internet Famous lolcows - particularly Ethan Ralph & Co and most recently Dick Masterson. He spends most of his time doing long autistic streams criticizing and mocking...
  15. 5t3n0g0ph3r

    John Michael Kelly / vazorium / jmkacc / jkellytwit / UJDaedalus / Rea Lity / pretransformere

    Whenever drama occurs on the internet, certain individuals insert themselves into the conversation, if not taking a proactive approach in perpetuating the drama themselves. While observers usually note and dismiss these individuals as “drama whores”, some hold the potential of evolving into...
  16. Rei is shit

    Gunt watch

    Like all cows with a subform Yaniv deserves a thread to document an unsightly physical trait. In Johnny's case its clearly his gunt.
  17. chimpburgers

    Ethan Oliver Ralph / TheRalphRetort / Rad Roberts / Jcaesar187 / "Killstream" / "Tequila Sunrise"

    Ethan Ralph, host of the #Killstream, has published revenge pornography of his 18-year-old girlfriend. If you are associates with Ralph, he collects dirt on you to blackmail you with forever. If you date Ralph, he will humiliate you and violate your dignity to win Internet cool points. If you...