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  1. Monika H.

    Thirsty people on Social Media

    Hallo, hallo!! Nowadays, we live almost half of our day on the various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Something that in our stay on those platforms everyone of us has ran into at least once, is this. A young cute girl posts a pic, and someone feels the need to let know...
  2. neger psykolog

    Baby Momma & Baby Daddy drama

    Typical baby momma/daddy posts: My boyfriend knocked me up and now I have 16 kids by 32 different partners, how do I organize the most effective child support payments? My girl tryin' claim da money from me but its not mine! how do I get a DNA test My ex partner is perfect in every way, but...
  3. Feline Darkmage

    Skitzocow Mario Sasso / Paris Tosen / Talessian El-Wikosian / StelanTV / CosmicCulture

    (this is the video that introduced me to Paris, in it he declares that Atheists came from the 23rd century and we actually live in the 23rd century and the evidence for this is cell phones existing) StelanTV is a conspiracy theory youtube channel run by a Canadian man approximately 50 years in...
  4. ~ Drama Llama Ding Dong ~

    American Fart Association of America (Community)

    American Fart Association of America (archive link) is a Facebook community page based out of Hudson, Wisconsin which currently has 2,077 members who have no problem telling everyone they enjoy farts more than the average human being. You can find out some 'juicy' information on the about page...
  5. 💗Freddie Freaker💗

    Social Media Indians

    In this thread, we make fun of India and weird Indians on social media. This page about hot indian uncle dads is both repulsive and full of amusing engrish comments. https://www.facebook.com/Hot-indian-dad-and-uncle-1037680096302916/
  6. The Great Citracett

    Skitzocow Tanya L Nelson / Tanya Laree Nelson / Toot Toot the Nascar Driver

    The other day, purely by chance, I happened upon someone fascinating. I was just doing my usual thing, screencapping Facebook comments for the Russell Greer thread, when I noticed someone trying to pitch a song to Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 in the comments of a photo of Rob that Russ had shared...
  7. Feline Darkmage

    TransLifeline's Cameron Meyer / Scout Wolfcave / Tiffany "Bunny" Saint-Bunny

    Current Legal Name: Tiffany Saint-Bunny Former Legal Name: Scout Niclara Wolfcave Birth Name: Cameron Paul Meyer DOB: October 24, 1982 Runs the "Trans Assistance Project" aka "Trans Lifeline Microgrants" Asspatter of Greta Martela and Nina Chaubal Diaperfur Accounts: Medium Personal Twitter...
  8. Feline Darkmage

    Facebook [2017-Sep-07 to 2017-Sep-26] Jessica Quinn Related Updates

    On the 7th of September, 2017 Chris-Chan made a series of status updates complaining about not having a sweetheart. Then, a facebook user calling themselves Jessica Quinn told him "We need to talk", an ominous phrase in most cases. As it turns out she would later become "facebook official" with...
  9. Feline Darkmage

    Careercow Falco Girgis / GyroVorbis, Creator of "Elysian Shadows"

    "She was so out of it I didn't even know if having sex with her would be considered rape or not..." - Falco Girgis Name: Falco Girgis Alias: GyroVorbis Address: 206 Kellys Way Road Harvest, Alabama Age: 28 (Born July 23, 1989) Graduated from University of Alabama w/ Bachelor of Science in...
  10. Jarilo182

    Artcow Javis Ray / Legacy Control

    http://legacy-control.com/ https://www.facebook.com/javis.ray https://www.facebook.com/LegacyControlComic/ https://www.patreon.com/LegacyControl I'm surprised he doesn't have a thread yet, he's been all over various cringe pages on the web. He's known for his webcomic, Legacy Control, that was...
  11. Jarilo182


    https://www.reddit.com/r/liberal_logic/ The dude posting most of the shit on there: https://www.reddit.com/user/gmscreamingmemes Honestly this is one of the worst political subreddits I've ever seen, mainly populated by a single old man who spams his memes all over other subreddits. Here are...
  12. Cryin RN

    Cultcow Russell Greer / @ just_some_dude_named_russell29 / A Safer Nevada PAC

    Thread Index by @GloriousScarf / Court Documents 2015-2017 / Court Documents vs. Taylor 2018 / The Genesis of Russell Greer / Greer Lolsuit Bingo by @Viridian Too much reading in this OP? Here are Russell's greatest hits / Youtube highlights of Russell's book are here / Nick Rekieta's Russell...
  13. Smutley

    Timothy Whitbeck / Emma Quinn / Jane Wild / ChloeQuinnTS / timnygma / Gaara-30 / setokaiba24 (frm. Amber/Chloe Quinn)

    Tranny Chaser and Phil/Toren Asspatter Timothy James Whitbeck Jr. 1688 Nelms Lane Nashville NC 27856-9796 Born: November 3rd, 1988 Timothy is, quite possibly, the laziest tranny on planet earth. Lazier than Wes Bailey, than Nora Reed, even lazier than even Jake Alley. We're talking so lazy...
  14. Durable Mike Malloy

    Casey Patrick Courtright / Locria Nyla / Valerie Nyla Fox / LewdTransTankie / VixenValeriee

    Meet Casey Patrick Courtright, also known as "Locria Nyla Fox," a 20-year-old Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania native majoring in computer science at the University of Vermont in Burlington. This MTF polyamorous gay transgirl foxkin Marxist feminist Type 1 diabetic and aspiring sportswriter enjoys...

    Careercow Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka

    MODERATOR EDIT: @Lowtax has graced us with his presence, answering questions about SA, Shmorky and himself in general. I've reopened a shit-tier cancer thread for Lowtax, so I can move over 70 fucking posts of off-topic shit out of Shmorky's thread. I was going to put it into the SA thread, but...