far-left extremist

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  1. HiramTheGrift

    Hasan Piker / HasanAbi

    Hasan Piker / HasanAbi Hasan Piker, 29, is a Twitch streamer and political activist affiliated with the progressive TYT (The Young Turks) that has garnered a repution for being an edgy "Brocialist," "Brogressive," and "Bernie-bro." A self-described progressive socialist, his career started when...
  2. haurchefant

    Careercow Majid M. Padellan / mmpadellan / BrooklynDad_Defiant!

    Majid Padellan is a Twitter pundit whose primary claim to fame is being an irritating internet addict who rakes in thousands of dollars to tweet about Trump 24/7. As a Trump reply guy, his primary MO is to post anti-Trump takes on Twitter to net internet cookies, asspats, and to keep money...
  3. Thrasher Lion King


    Nada dura para siempre, este es un buen ejemplo: Los orígenes del doomposting se remontan en un grupo anterior, Animación Artesanal, grupo de Facebook dirigido por un youtuber del mismo nombre, reconocido por hablar de apartados técnicos en animación y relevante en el doomverse por haber sido...
  4. s0mbra

    Charles Alexander Berry / Buck Daniel Riley / Toggle the Rat / @onebiggrumpyrat / ExitMouse / Smoochthispooch / huskeyindenial / clunkymunk

    Buck Daniel Riley, otherwise known as Toggle the Rat, is an open zoophile and hosts a podcast titled “Zooier Than Thou”Archive where he and his new co-host talk about all things animal rape. Buck was previously the co-host to Doughless Spink, notoriously dangerous zoophile and cocaine smuggler...
  5. Diabeetus

    Carlos Maza / @gaywonk versus Steven Blake Crowder / @scrowder (#VoxAdpocalypse)

    Carlos Maza, known on Twitter as @gaywonk (a), despite saying that he has "pretty thick skin when it comes to online harassment" (a), gets so bothered by people calling him a 'queer' that he went on an autistic rampage with the goal of silencing political commentator Steven Crowder. This shit...
  6. RichardMongler


    A small hint to anyone interested in archiving juicy threads: use old.reddit.com instead of www.reddit.com. archive.md will back up the entire thread. In the tradition of left-wing subreddits like /r/LateStageCapitalism and /r/ShitLiberalsSay along with anti-anti-SJWs comes /r/BreadTube (a)...
  7. CatParty

    Terrorist Sam Ambreen / Samina Ambreen Salahuddin / @SamAmbreenSalah / @SamAmSalahuddin

    Samina Ambreen Salahuddin (@SamAmbreen_) is a 3rd generation Pakistani immigrant to the United Kingdom. Born into a religious family, she rejected faith and became a 'murtad firti' (apostate) early in life. 36 years old now, she is married to a English man she has dress up in drag, and appears...
  8. CWCissey

    TGWTG John Edward 'Nash' Bozard III / Nash / @Nash076

    Nash is the host of the weekly Internet podcast/jukebox Radio Dead Air and is Internet famous for the only segment worth watching, WTFIWWY, which goes over dumb news stories. He also went out with JesuOtaku before she decided she was a man, actually buying a house with her a mere few weeks...
  9. Loxiozzz

    ANTIFA / Antifascist Action / Antifaschistische Aktion

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BQaR-fnhHmz/ Antifa is a terrorist group made up of anarchist anti-police NEETS who saw it necessary to riot in protest of Trump and his followers in the name of love and tolerance. They are known all over the world for destroying and silencing fascism through means...
  10. Robot Holocaust

    TGWTG Tony Goldmark / "Some Jerk with A Camera"

    Tony Goldmark, better known as Some Jerk with A Camera, is one of the "lucky" few to win a spot on TGWTG, having joined the site in 2014 after years of making videos independently. He had become an angry critic after his decades long attempt at being the next Weird Al failed miserably, with...
  11. Segue

    Artcow Ken Penders

    Look at that smile...reminds me of a certain someone. Ken Penders is a freelance comic book artist who's infamous for having a very big ego, being a horrible artist, and somehow managing to fuck up Sonic the Hedgehog. Even the Sonic community hates him! Unlike others, Penders has actually...