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  1. Meckhlorde

    Ethan Ralph Exclusive Skype Leaks on Backwards Internet

    Cognitive-thought has combed through yet more of Ethan's more embarrassing skype convo leaks with Fai Fai. I have done the thankless task of pulling the screenshots from his stream onto the forums so you don't have to sit through Cog's boring takes or constant super chat spam. The implied...
  2. Arm Pit Cream

    Orbiter Faith Vickers / Zoomer Girl / Fai Fai

    Faith Vickers is a Californian 4 who is currently bearing Ethan Ralph’s child. As the story goes, Faith and Ralph first became acquainted in late 2019, long before the public at large became aware of her in mid 2020. Early in the summer of last year, a few scattered posts regarding a ‘hot 18...
  3. Munchingonfish

    Dream Daddy Salt

    Dream Daddy is an indie gayme designed for the Tumblr/gaymer demographic. As the name suggests, you date older dudes. The first hit of salt came when the game got a really last minute delay. Freak shows sperged out. A more potent salt mine opened when a fan artist decided to redraw the...