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  1. Smutley

    Thomas Jeffrey "Jordan Gwendolyn" Davis

    ENEMIES OF AHUVIYA JORDAN GWENDOLYN DAVIS [original post taken from here] Jordan Gwendolyn Davis, aka Jordan Opalanie, aka Jordman, aka Thomas Jeffrey Davis is a sometimes friend to both Robert Wayne Styles (aka Rika) and Phillip Haskins-Delici (aka Ahuviya). Most of his visible activity...
  2. wagglyplacebo

    "ADF" / Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici / Isabel Rosa Araujo

    ADF is currently on the down-low. He has become the lesser in an abusive relationship which controls his life, in particular his Internet usage, in exchange for some semblance of stability and security. There is an entire board about ADF now retired due to lack of content. Go there for a primer...
  3. The Jumping Dwarf

    Gross The Slaton Sisters / Amy Slaton & Tammy Slaton

    The Slaton sisters are a pair of morbidly obese hicks from Bumfuck, Kentucky who regularly make videos of themselves burping, farting, stuffing their faces with truly staggering quantities of fast food, and generally being disgusting. They're quite infamous in r/fatpeoplehate for obvious...
  4. AtroposHeart


    https://www.reddit.com/r/fatpeoplehate/ https://www.reddit.com/r/TalesofFatHate Subs that are so infamous that even the most fitness focused subreddits won't even link them due to their extreme hatred of fat people As the creator of the Fat Acceptance thread I think it is my duty to post the...
  5. Bernard

    Manosphere Eatdatpussy445 / EDP445 / Bryant Moreland

    Eatdatpussy445 (EDP445) is an infamous YouTube personality who is mostly known for his hilarious reactions to happenings in the sports world. He also likes to post unrelated non-sports videos which usually involve him bitching about being a virgin with rage or talking about his pornography...
  6. XYZpdq

    Lolcow Christopher McGee / Chris McGee / Clawshrimpy / Granis25 / "Rose" / "Sammy" / AdoptedAlien, etc & friends

    UPDATE 8/21/2018 (amended 9/8/19) This OP is a continuous WIP put together by @Gook Choy and @Feline Darkmage collecting the info scattered throughout this 280 page & counting monster of a thread. More caps/info coming soon to the OP, the previous OP under a spoiler for posterity reasons...
  7. Enriku

    Careercow Bob "MovieBob" Chipman

    OP was dislodged. Please see @neural's masterpiece about Bobert at the following link: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/bob-moviebob-chipman.5873/post-2852022 After all the #GamerGate nonsense, a lot of journalists revealed their true selves. He didn't. He was always the sperg king of the film...
  8. C

    WingsofRedemption / Jordie Jordan

    For those who don't know, there is a YouTube gamer named WingsofRedemption, real name Jordie Jordan. Wings/Jordie is a 28-year-old from South Carolina who posts gameplay videos and commentaries centering around Activision's Call of Duty franchise. He also posts personal VLogs about himself, his...
  9. FifthColumn

    Boogie / Boogie2988 / "Francis" / Steven Jason Williams

    Check out Boogie 2988 aka Francis Boogie is a fatass youtuber, who gets upwards of 300,00 views for "pretending to be exceptional." Meet Francis, his stupid ass character
  10. Duke Crabtree

    Matthew Moulton / Onideus Mad Hatter

    Surprised I haven't seen a thread on this clown yet. Also waiting for the day he decides to take up residence in the current form of the forums.
  11. AtroposHeart

    Community Fat Acceptance Movement / Fat Girlcows

    This is not a thread to bash or make fun of fat people. I am a fat person too, but this is to talk about the horror/denial that is fat acceptance. Simply, denying the real links between obesity and health problems and promoting it as a choice. I also notice that most fat acceptance people tend...
  12. boat_rocker

    Artcow Amanda Turcol / LadyALT69 / Manda-Tee

    (more will be updated soon with links and urls as soon as I'm not lazy, this OP is still a WIP) Imagine if Chris Chan had a twin sister that he got separated from at birth, an autistic, narcistic, fat, entitled, neet of a sister. If there's one picture I had to choose of her's to summarize her...
  13. A Witty Name

    DarksydePhil / TheyCallMeDSP / Phil Burnell

    DarksydePhil is a terrible middle-aged Let's Player with self-entitlement issues and a massively inflated ego. He is a Lolcow with a large cult following who watch only to see him and his business deteriorate. Timeline of "General Discussion": 2013: [1-15] (#1 to #291) 2014: [15-58] (#292 to...
  14. PCA

    Careercow Gorgeous George / George Alexander Yarid

    Anybody ever heard of this guy who calls himself Gorgeous George: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Gorgeous_George As you can see he is not too particularly gorgeous. He has a public access show where he proceeds to act like a complete pompous jerk and ends up getting relentless prank...