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  1. B

    Dramacow Leah Koerner / Leah Tverly / knitpianocamera / chained2phone / sleevetwister

    Leah Koerner, more commonly known as Leah Tverly, is what would happen if a scientist tried to genetically engineer a girl to embarrass feminists. Using a mixture of childish tantrums, sjw-type rhetoric and buzzwords, daddy issues, lack of personal hygiene and a fuckton of weed, Leah delivers...
  2. Dread First

    Careercow Simone Spence / thedeadbeatdiva / simonerspence

    We all know that there are feminists out there who regularly talk shit about deadbeat dads, MRAs, and that general lot. But few can ever truly monetise their inner hateboner for deadbeat dads quite like this exceptional woman right here. I want you all to meet Simone Spence. I originally came...
  3. oddish

    Extra Credits

    "Extra Credits" is a gaming channel that makes godawful "analysis" videos about videos games. The show started as a ripoff of Yahtzee that they made as a school project, and never progressed much further than that in quality. In it, they draw from their non existent "expertise" in game design...
  4. Gorgar

    Pirates of the Caribbean Bride Scene Change

    Last week, the Bride Scene was changed at the Pirates of The Caribbean for Walt Disney World. Basically, the Redhead is now a gunslinger and is auctioning stolen loot instead of being an available bride. The scene change was not because of current times, cough cough But it was because the...
  5. Feline Darkmage

    Sofie Hagen / sofiehagendk / sofiehagen.komiker / Comedians Telling Stuff

    "On the contrary, DIETING has been proved TIME AND TIME again to be one of the worst things you can do to your body" Name: Sofie Hagen Born: November 10, 1988 (age 29) Occupation: Comedian, Fat Activist She has won an award for "Best Newcomer" at the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Awards in 2015...
  6. Jaimas

    Waypoint and the Waypoint Forums

    Special thanks to @CatParty, who was absolutely right in insisting this could and should be thread. Waypoint, for the uninitiated, is the rebranded form of VICE Gaming. VICE Gaming's rebrand took place on December of 2016, while hiring or maintaining pretty much the exact same people as who it...
  7. L


    TrollX wins the award for the most radical change in a subreddit, ever. Originally used to post gender-swapped memes and rage comics, in recent years turned into a wretched hive of SJWs and virtue signalling. Constantly causing drama, falling for trolls, shilling for basic bitch feminism and...
  8. L

    TomSka / Thomas Ridgewell / @thetomska

    Thomas "Tomska" Ridgewell used to be one of the most well known comedy channels in the UK. Internationally his work on the "ASDF" movies is what he's best known for, he's also the voice of the character Tom in the late great Edd Gould's Eddworld series and later took over the show at his best...
  9. L

    Maryne / @MaryneeLahaye / Ninja Elsanna

    Note: most recent updates to the OP are sorted at the top. MARYNE, ONCE AGAIN, TAKES ANOTHER TANTRUM IN RESPONSE TO ISLAMOPHOBIA Trump makes pissbabies mad, who knew? Just when you thought she couldn't be more of a white knight for Islam, she reblogs Linda Sarsour too. This was from her...
  10. Feline Darkmage

    Lolcow Anthony L. Figueroa / Tony Figg / The Bronx Blogger / BronxJusticeWarrior

    https://twitter.com/ChrisRGun/status/929205858608693248 http://archive.md/uhPNo https://twitter.com/thebronxblogger (currently locked as of posting) https://www.youtube.com/user/tonyfigg https://curiouscat.me/BronxBlogger (largely inactive, only 2 posts) Anthony Figueroa, better known as...
  11. Feline Darkmage

    Dramacow Phillip Rose / The True Pooka / The Liberal Ogre

    Name: Phillip Rose Aliases: The True Pooka, Pooka, The Liberal Ogre Occupation: Atheism Activist, Youtuber, Blogger Patreon Twitter Facebook Youtube Google+ WordPress I found this guy from the time he said that Armoured Skeptic was Alt-Right. I cringed listening to Pooka the whole way through...
  12. Daughter of Cernunnos

    Snowflake Marina Watanabe / marinashutup

    :tumblr: Marina Watanabe/marinashutup is a 24 yr old American bisexual biracial Japanese/White girl who studied English and Gender Studies in uni and has a popular feminist Youtube channel. She chimps out a lot on Twitter and is deeply connected to the rat king. She is the "social media...
  13. Jaiman

    Artcow Christine Deneweth

    According to Everyday Feminism’s Facebook page, Christine Deneweth writes two different series of comics, Long, Bitter, Besides the Point (LBBTP) - a very generic and poor “so relatable XD” comic starring her fursona Everyday Feminism comics - these are poorly drawn comics made to teach...
  14. Lensherr

    Double Standards Relating to Male and Female Sexuality

    Videos like the ones above got me thinking about this topic and why these double standards exist. I've noticed this before whenever the media gets in a outrage over a female movie or video game character wearing a skimpy outfit (which I'd go as far as to liken to slut shaming), yet raises no...
  15. Literally Hitler

    Inactive nattycomic / stephen a. winchell / @sawinchell

    The above comic should pretty much summarize nattycomic as a whole, There's no plot characters or humor to be found just a series of strawmen getting brutally murdered. The comic began as a spinoff of a mediocre webcomic called little boys room where the titular character natty would do the...
  16. Charles A. Woodward

    Competitive hobby-horsing community

    Hobbyhorsing, a sport made up mostly of teenage girls and young women in Finland, requires gymnastic control and athleticism to complete jumps over obstacle, all while controlling a horse on a stick. May 8, 2017, espnW.com; https://archive.md/qfAEO "The championship was held late last month...
  17. CWCissey

    Doctor Who salt

    The 13th Doctor will be announced after the Wimbledon Mens final later today. With the casting expected to be a woman, this is one of those rare events where salt is to be expected no matter the results.
  18. G

    Dramacow Emily Rose Nauert / Emily Marshall / Louise Rosealma / Venus Rosales / Moldylocks / "ANTIFA Girl"

    Here are Emily Nauert/Louise Roseama's nudes. credit to @Cuck Norris on the video A hairy woman fetish site owns the copyright to these videos, so if you'd like to see more I'll redirect you to her profile on their site. http://www.atkhairy.com/tour/model/ven020/atk-hairy-Venus-Rosales...
  19. Randall Fragg

    Careercow David "Proud Cuck" Futrelle

    David Futrelle is the owner of We Hunted The Mammoth, a blog which is kind of like if the Loveshy Therapy Center was run by a humorless "feminist" who chimped out at lolcows instead of laughing at them. However, Futrelle wasn't always a feminist white knight. Back in the 90s, Davy was a fervernt...
  20. chimpburgers

    Careercow Kelly Ellis / justkelly_ok

    This woman's fucking hilarious. She went from lolcalf to someone who made one of the funniest tweets I've seen today. To save time, I'm gonna copy and paste what I already had for the Medium thread I am just going to put all the info that both of us found into this thread as a sort of public...