fetish art

  1. Burning Fanatic


    Hypnohub is an image booru that's been around since 2013, and houses a lot of hypnosis-themed content from all over the web. Most of it is reposted from DeviantArt, Tumblr, Hentai Foundry, and Pixiv, with the occasional artist uploading their art directly to the site. The fetish can result in...
  2. scared sheep

    Lolcow murrlogic / murrlogic1 / damien6 / MickleMackleMcKay / Michael McKay

    Can you guess what these two images have in common? No? Well don't worry your thick, albeit, pretty skull, this fellow can explain it! Links https://murrlogic1.deviantart.com/ http://archive.li/Ehxye https://web.archive.org/web/20180308185631/https://murrlogic1.deviantart.com/...
  3. DemonBox

    Craig Butikofer / R3DRUNNER / Beagsmul / X / OverpaidUnderratedArtist

    Craig Butikofer or known as R3DRUNNER/Beagsmul is a furfag artist that hangs around the dregs of twitter and tumblr, once a frequent on the likes of Inkbunny. They spend their time on twitter being an absolute cunt to people with a “Holier than thou” attitude because they believe when they are...
  4. OwO What's This?

    Furry Art Freak Show

    There is a lot of terrible art on the internet - especially when it comes to fetish illustrations. But every once in a while you come across something so uniquely terrible it has to be shared. But this is not just for poorly made artwork. Some of the most bizarre concepts imaginable can be...
  5. Akpofure

    Artcow SB99stuff

    SB99, competing to get the High Score: A little context: In the BenTheLooney thread, an artist named SB99 was brought up as a friend of Ben's and a potential lolcow. Much like Ben, who initially appears to be just another failed YouTube ranter all it takes is a look at his/her/its gallery...
  6. cumrobbery

    TF (Transformation) Community

    Here's yet another fucked up fetish on Deviantart. Basically, TF generally refers to Transformation, which is "art" where people turn into anything from furries to ponies to even inanimate objects like vehicles. This is something they actually get off to Here are some TF stories...
  7. The Oddball from MLW

    Artcow Half-dude / Ian Knau

    Do you remember the first car you owned? If you do, it was probably some cheap Honda or Toyota with 80,000 miles on it. Now imagine that you fell in love with your first car, now you have Ian Knau, or half-dude. This guy is literally in love with his Hyundai Accent, and he tends to express it...

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