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  1. Twinkie

    "Haydur Nation" Meta / Youtube reaction channel discussion

    Haydur Nation in a nutshell. Haydur Nation is a loosely connected group of youtubers who make reaction videos, comedy edits or hit pieces targeting other youtubers, usually obese women. Initially the “haydurs” would react solely to Amberlynn Reid videos but most reaction channels have since...
  2. Feline Darkmage

    Cooking with Chef Thomas Jay Wasserberg

    Now that @Mister Thomas Jay Wassergerg has his own subforum, the newbies just coming in may have noticed we talk about him eating literal trash all the time, which he does due to being a disgusting hobo. @Hellfire posted this most recent terrifying entity into the General thread, and I think it...
  3. neger psykolog

    Cooking with Kat (and DSP) thread

    This is the thread where you can post the culinary expeditions of Phil & Kat and critique them for not being true & authentic enough (similar in fashion to the Jack Scalfani thread) No detail is too small, so make sure to talk at length about authenticity, technique and general presentation...
  4. CatParty

    LGBT 08-31-17 Chris pigs out

    chris thirsts after his tranny vore fetish waifu "zesty spicy yummy"
  5. MrJakeTerror

    Let's get Super Cereal

    Went through a mess of Crunch Berries wondering if they were giant Trix. Then I realized Trix is criminally underrated in my household. What opinions do you have regarding these sugary confectionarries?
  6. Broseph Stalin

    Lolcow KingCobraJFS / Josh Saunders

    MAJOR EDIT 10/3/2021: OP has been given a massive update and makeover to provide better information for newcomers. :semperfidelis: Special thanks to @Ellesse_warrior for constantly archiving the livestreams, and to @Games for providing me with some much valuable information and resources...
  7. SpacePanther

    Horrorcow Lucas Werner

    Your trolling plans probably suck. Before you break the law to piss Werner off, read this: This is Lucas Werner, a 37 year old, homeless liberal atheist that is a huge supporter of Bernie Sanders. What exactly qualifies this man as a horrowcow? Werner has an obsession with wanting to bang...
  8. Gensdupays

    Careercow Jack Scalfani / Cooking With Jack

    I'm sure some of you have heard of/seen pictures the "Cooking with Jack Show," but if not, let me explain a bit. He has made his career, for the last seven plus years, doing a cooking show on YouTube. In this time he has become infamous for his inability to actually cook things, and his awful...