1. _01

    Shizzuie / Ryan David Schulz / DemBeFightenWords / Kenjiwolf / TheKenjiwolf / Floof Squad / VR Loli Squad / Violet Fusion

    This thread initially begun archiving the exploits of Shizzuie, as shown below. However, upon discovering the depths of Shizzuie's collective (who go by many names, such as "Floof Squad," "VR Loli Squad," and "Violet Fusion"), this thread has expanded to also document other members within his...
  2. Beta Faggot


    Neocities is a revival of the old Geocities service that allowed people to create their own webpage. I was originally going to make this a Community Watch thread, as this service has attracted some exceptional people, but there's really a variety of different people on Neocities. One thing that...
  3. Null

    Furry "Personal Army" Thread

    This thread is something unique on the Kiwi Farms. It is for dropping any information about any furry you'd like. You do not need an account to post in this thread. I'd strongly suggest reading our Archival 101 thread or you'll fuck yourself over dropping links to unarchived content. As long...
  4. Catch Your Breath

    Pkrussl / James Parker Russell / hs2012 / voluptuousvenessa / X3non / ItsMochi / OwOWhatsThis

    Enter James Meet Pkrussl - the living Pepperoni Pizza :optimistic: gay :optimistic: furry who makes a living by mocking other furries as well as cringe from deviantArt. However, most people will know him as the idiot who made the horrible mistake of defending Kero the Wolf (who he still...
  5. scared sheep

    Playfur Cinema / PlayfurCinema / Juke Fox / JawbreakerHyena / Durrel89 / Durell Pollard / Furheart20

    Y'all ever wanted to see Cream the Rabbit lick the pussy of her own mother? Me neither! But Playfur Cinema does! Meet Playfur Cinema, a fan of rule 34 and violating the purity your childhood once had (:optimistic:) DOX AND FURSONAL INFO G-get it... furssonal... personal... f-furry...
  6. H

    Ugandan Knuckles Meme Salt

    So theres this meme of people as Knuckles in VR chat who speak in Ugandan Accents, stemming from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtYO32AVyMM&t=121s Now triggered furries and sjws on Twitter are calling this meme racist and offensive to African people. I hope this escalates further...
  7. JFKdestroyer

    Tehcait / Sponty / Kaizerfreak

    (Since photo uploads aren't working I'll upload those later. Hopefully, this isn't too confusing without them) There's a plague sweeping the FurAffinity "Your Character Here" auctions, and it's name is Tehcait. Tehcait is a FurAffinity user who gets a lot of art. They have several characters...
  8. OwO What's This?

    Furry Art Freak Show

    There is a lot of terrible art on the internet - especially when it comes to fetish illustrations. But every once in a while you come across something so uniquely terrible it has to be shared. But this is not just for poorly made artwork. Some of the most bizarre concepts imaginable can be...


    Let me preface this by saying a Ferzu thread is way overdue wtf @yawning sneasel and @CatParty pointed out the existence of Ferzu, a social media where furries gather in one site. How interesting are they? First of all, everything is locked behind a login wall. Anything locked behind a login...

    Rule 34 Horrors and Oddities

    "Rule 34: If it exists, there's porn of it." After seeing a good number of porn in the DeviantArt horrors, I thought it would be a good idea to complete this sexually deviant Triforce, so here it is. Rounding out the trifecta of DeviantArt and Fanfiction Horrors, Rule 34 is, as the quote above...
  11. Holdek

    Furry Fandom and Drama General

    FURSCHWITZ GUARD UPDATE: This thread is a general about the Furry community. The original OP does not include a lot so it will be a work in progress to update with major dramas. If you would like to contribute something to the OP PM @Feline Darkmage, @yawning sneasel, @CIA Nigger, or @Golden...

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