1. neger psykolog

    The Sims Modding Community

    The first "Sims" title was released in early 2000 making its modding communities one of the oldest/longest-running in gaming history. Unlike many other modding communities which surround other games, The Sims is a title enjoyed by people from all walks of life and as such the content is of a...
  2. Pop-Tart

    Plagued Super Smash Bros. Community

    So this has been a long time coming, and this is a extensive topic. But it must be done. In order to set the mood and give some idea of scale. I will most likely miss a lot as there has been a lot recorded in regards to this community. Two known big autists in the smash community are...
  3. Cake Farts

    Tell us about your favorite game streamers

    Obviously, I like Vinny. Personally, it's a close tie between him and Joel as my favorite vinesauce streamer (rev comes in third). Vinny seems to be a chill guy, albeit not as quirky as Joel, but I respect him for being down to earth and not trying to peddle us his red vox releases. I'm...