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  1. HiramTheGrift

    Skitzocow Connor Murphy

    Connor Murphy Before beginning, I have to give a shoutout to JamalActimel and his initial comment that made me look further into this guy. I messaged him asking for some info and he firehosed me with information like I was a bad, bad girl. I'm going to be honest with you guys, I'm hooked on...
  2. EyelessMC

    Alfred Kinsey

    Pictured below is Alfred Charles Kinsey, the man known today--by those who do know him--as the "Father of the Sexual Revolution", the man whose work changed the world. He even had his own movie made about him starring Liam Neeson: However, you might be more familiar with the name from the...
  3. Vinluv Handesbukia

    Skitzocow Joe Winko

    INTRODUCTION: Who is Joe Winko? On the internet,there are many Weirdo Nobodies with Egos the size of Supernovas,but nobody really takes the cake as Joe Winko. Joe Winko is defined by many things,his obsessions,his art,his costume,and an ego as fat as he is thin. Joe Winko is a self described...
  4. Telespergy


    MrLonnieClark9000 The strange, eccentric, and degenerate behavior of the Furry Fandom is nothing new for most internet users. Whether it be simping over fictional animal characters, furry artists sperging over their “completely original” closed species, or members parading around their colorful...
  5. JamalActimel

    FR Alain Soral / Maitre du Logos / Français sans peur, chrétien sans reproche / Ali Sourate

    [Mod Edit: English version found here] Alain Soral Qui est Alain Bonnet Soral et pourquoi est-il aussi infâme et connu sur internet? Et bien il s'agit d'un essayiste et sociologue français connu pour ses pensées extrêmes,ses dérapages et ses nombreuses condamnations judiciaire. Soral est une...
  6. Dick Ramdass

    Orbiter William Robinson / James Lewis Martin / Christopher Stokes / Gaming Samurai King

    As confirmed by @The American Hedgehog , William has admitted to owning the @Williamchu account and thinks he's above all of us, claiming we're harassing him and this information he pretty much leaked on his own free will. Real name: James Lewis Martin Aliases: Christopher Stokes (Facebook)...
  7. 0 1

    Horrorcow Kevin Gibes / Kathryn Gibes / TransSalamander / RageTreb / The Green Salamander

    Kevin Gibes, also known by their trans persona as "Kathryn," their primary online handle of "TransSalamander," or other usernames "RageTreb" and "The Green Salamander," is a Colorado autogynephilic, sex-obsessed post-op transsexual in their mid-30's who checks nearly every box to an almost...
  8. Ellesse_warrior

    Lolcow Robert Paul Champagne / The Try it Out Guy

    Robert Paul Champagne is an artist and adult entertainer turned YouTuber and aspiring talk show host from New York, based in Harlem. The best way to introduce RPC and get a feel of the...
  9. Diabeetus

    Carlos Maza / @gaywonk versus Steven Blake Crowder / @scrowder (#VoxAdpocalypse)

    Carlos Maza, known on Twitter as @gaywonk (a), despite saying that he has "pretty thick skin when it comes to online harassment" (a), gets so bothered by people calling him a 'queer' that he went on an autistic rampage with the goal of silencing political commentator Steven Crowder. This shit...
  10. Philosophy Phil

    Lovequest Twitter: 4/1 Chris announces his Love for Null on Twitter

    Looks like there's a new romance afoot! Chris tweeted, (and then subsequently within 5 minutes deleted) this tweet declaring his love to Joshua Moon, or as we know him as, Null. Chris seems very amorous towards Null, even to the point of calling him "Daddy". I, for one, congratulate the two on...
  11. Quetzalcoatl

    Sam Vogel "Antonovich" / Kaara / allthefoxes / theotherredfox / vincelocktip / samman412 / vlt412 / atf412

    MOD EDIT: u/Kaara_Raven is allthefoxes CONFIRMED, OP ORGANIZE YOUR FUCKING TRAINWRECK OF A POST, PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED. Original Poster Update: There has been dossiers and other Google Documents that were appearing and most of it contains the same shit I have here, so I'm going to ignore those...
  12. Carrot Cake

    Dominique McLean / SonicFox

    Dominique McLean (fetish name SonicFox) is a famous video game player who's predominant personality trait is being gay, black, and sexually aroused by animal costume play and torture pornography. He is a 4-time Evo champ, winning Injustice: Gods Among Us in 2014, Mortal Kombat X two years in a...
  13. Hamplanet Fitness

    Dylan Hafertepen / noodlesandbeef / ekigyuu / beefdumplings / California Cow

    "Thank you for allowing me to serve you." -Jack Chapman, 1990-2018, last words Noodles & Beef, aka Dylan Hafertepen, is not your typical gay muscle-bear. He's into BDSM and polyamory; while most gay couples have the occasional threesome, Dylan's relationship is something else. He is the...
  14. Quetzalcoatl

    Zoosadist Nick/Nickolas Spahn / digivolve / wuffbitch / Tane

    Dox Nickolas A Spahn 1702 Noranda Dr #3 Sunnyvale CA 94087 DOB January 15, 1996 (age 22) SUMMARY Nickolas "Tane" Spahn is one of the Zoosadists furries with the longest messaging history (14 pages of messages.html) compared to everyone else in the chat leaks. He is also a confused sexual...
  15. The American Hedgehog

    Money 3/14 - Selling Cole Smithey's vintage comics

    Video backup edit: Chris confirms he didn't seek Cole's permission. Best quotes:
  16. Feline Darkmage

    Ryan Faulk / The Alternative Hypothesis / People's Veto / @thealthype / Stodles / FringeElements

    Meet Ryan Faulk of Sacremento, California. Ryan Faulk is a lolcow with a lengthy history of drama and attention whoring, leaving autism everywhere in his wake. He is 1/16th "negro", homosexual, and has "mild autism" otherwise known as Asperger's Syndrome. He grew up in a military family, so...
  17. CatParty

    LGBT 02/12/18 chris is open to all kinks and fetishes

  18. Pikimon

    Nikocado Avocado / Nicholas Perry

    Click here to see Nick's penis and butthole Mukbang is a online phenomenon where lonely shut-ins with eating disorders are enabled by people online by video taping themselves eating large and often unhealthy amounts of food for money and attention. Meet Nikocado Avocado Nicholas Matthew Perry...
  19. morninghomo

    everything is lesbian

    tumblr is known for turning turning everything gay but no one, and i mean NO ONE, is as thirsty for validation as lesbians. and i know theres already a thread for nice gals who wanna turn every girl gay, but this aint quite the same thing theres a trend on tumblr of lesbians assigning...
  20. Vegemite

    RebelTaxi / Pan Pizza / Pizza Party Podcast

    Some History The Pizza Party Podcast is a podcast that was started by a cringy guy who goes by the name "Pan Pizza," on Youtube and two of his friends named Nolan and Ken. The podcast was originally just talking about the latest in cartoon news. This didn’t last long as the podcast started to...