1. indianshedevil

    Dramacow David Sanford / Major Stacks / Mad Black Atheist / Mad Black Entertainment

    David Sanford - also known as Mad Black Atheist [MBA] or Mad Black Entertainment - is a YouTuber from Hixson, Tennessee that used to do anything that does involve the Black Sector and politics. He also was involved in the drama involving a DramaCow named Xavier Pace - also imfamously known as...
  2. Null

    Obscure Laughingstocks

    Admin Note: Thread is for people or groups that are bizarre and from the Internet, but not quite a lolcow because they don't respond to negative attention / were never popularized / unheard of.
  3. UglyHairyFerret

    Dramacow Josh Thomas / WiiFolderJosh / TheBitBlock / Nintendo Beyond / JoshyFunTime / Joshycocks

    If you're a fan of Nintendo and watch YouTube relatively frequently, you may or may not have heard of Josh Thomas, his YouTube channel currently has around 157,000 or so subscribers, but he averages 5,000 to 15,000 views per video. He's been around on YouTube for 10 years, yet despite having a...
  4. Munchingonfish

    Dream Daddy Salt

    Dream Daddy is an indie gayme designed for the Tumblr/gaymer demographic. As the name suggests, you date older dudes. The first hit of salt came when the game got a really last minute delay. Freak shows sperged out. A more potent salt mine opened when a fan artist decided to redraw the...
  5. José Mourinho

    Careercow Jim Sterling / James "Stephanie" Sterling / James Stanton/Sexton & in memoriam TotalBiscuit (John Bain)

    Jim Sterling and TotalBiscuit. Two names that really caught the attention of PC gamers (with them being mentioned a lot in PC gaming communities like the PC Master Race subreddit) and they knew who they are even if they never watched a video from them. So why they are in one thread? Because they...
  6. José Mourinho

    NeoGAF & ResetERA

    RESETERA BAN LIST UPDATE ON THE SHITSTORM: Burn, baby, burn. Start here to know what is going on, to tl;dr the site owner was accused of sexual assault, moderators and admins jumped ship and forum is in pure chaos. UPDATE: Evilore has made a statement about this shitstorm Wikipedia on...
  7. CatParty

    Jasonic / Jasonic1977 / Jason Crevier

    This guy was brought up in another thread so I decided to google his name and was absolutely horrified. Autistic plushy who has been known to associate himself with furries and bronies with no filter on what horrifying things he shares with those communities. Most notorious is him posting his...