george ouzounian

  1. Null

    George Ouzounian v. Asterios Kokkinos (2018)

    In the last episode of "The Worst Lawsuit in the Universe" .... George Ouzounian / Maddox of "The Best Page in the Universe" fame, with the help of a drunk driving dogbite lawyer named Kevin Landau, attempted to sue several people, their employers, and random employees associated with their...
  2. RadicalCentrist

    George Ouzounian v. Dax Herrera et al (2017)

    ALERT: If you are new to this thread from the homepage, here's a good summary of the autism shitstorm Updates: Dax has bought Maddox's debt legally and can now fuck with him as much as he wants George "Ouzounian" is former internet funnyman Maddox, whose site was much beloved for it's...
  3. TakeDownMan

    Careercow Maddox / George Ouzounian / George Schnoz

    Before I begin let me be clear on feelings on Maddox Pre-Podcasting with an ED quote: "Maddox (powerword George Ouzounian) is one of the pioneers of internet trolling, flaming, and unwarranted self importance." Maddox before becoming a Podcaster was great, unfortunately when you try and make...