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    2019-07-12 - Jonathan Bishop: DMCA to Google UK

    Internationally renown cuck Jonathan Bishop of "Crocel News", a small and shitty blog, has once again cried about us. He's written numerous times on the site and myself and even my mother in an attempt to make her unemployable, but since no one reads his blog it's whatever. He's once again found...
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    2019-06-15 - Joseph Cumia: Google DMCA

    Joseph Cumia, unsatisfied by my response to his DMCA takedown complaint, filed another DMCA complaint to remove Google search results for some content he claims to own. Copyright claim #1 KIND OF WORK: Unspecified DESCRIPTION...
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    Dropping Google

    I'm just going to post an email I sent to save myself some time. In short, Google Analytics (what I was using to track sessions to know what pages were active or not) was a Google tool that could use your Google Account session data to track your KF activity with your Google Account. A Googler...
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    2017-08-18 - Liz Fong-Jones: Harassing people for hosting my email.

    Liz Fong-Jones is some tranny with a jaw sharper than Robert Z'Dar who Greta Gustava / Kjel Andeson has apparently employed to harass third parties vaguely associated with me. This is to, presumably, help cover up that Trans LifeLine is a scam. Zhe works for Google, and is using an authoritative...