1. DerKryptid

    Emily Ferraz / SailorSeiyaDigiJem / SonicGal1993 / mlp-fim-headcanons-ships

    On the sixth day, God created the wild beasts of the land, and on the seventh day, Satan created furries; and, so long as man lives, he has had to toil beside these degenerates :jacepout: Emily Ferraz Emily Ferraz is a 28-year old, gay, schizophrenic, furry tryhard with a raging femboner...
  2. Angry Canadian

    Skitzocow Unabashedhermaphrodite / Belial / The Actual Queen / actuallybella1 / AutisticAizen / Blaine Gaven Ross / Jess Ross / Erika Starling

    [/SPOILER] Intro Blaine (@Unabashedhermaphrodite) is a severely unwell man who has recently trooned out. He joined kiwi farms August 7th, 2021 and within his first week of joining amassed over 750 posts, averaging around 110 posts per day and sleeping, based on his post history, an average of 4...
  3. ritter

    Jacob Thomas Reinhardt Groszek / CIA Nigger / gligar13vids / PA-RISC / pa8600

    [Halal] Jacob Thomas Reinhardt Groszek / CIA Nigger / gligar13vids / PA-RISC / pa8600 "wanting to put your dick into anthropomorphic animals is fine but planes? REEEE WTF U PLANE FUCKER REEEEEE" @CIA Nigger was a former moderator of the Animal Control forums, until he went rogue and tried to...
  4. Junk Dog

    Marie Colleen Kervin / Gothic Sushi / Maria Saber

    Short summary of who she is and her involvement with Weeb Wars itself Marie Colleen Kervin, better known by her username Gothic Sushi, is a possibly illiterate tattoo artist, cosplayer, online e-thot and one of the more notable members of IStandWithVic, a movement that started in defense of the...
  5. Plasmapheresis

    حلال Ashley "Ashton" Lynne Coulter / @cantremembernothing / ButtercupSaiyan / watercolorheart / heartnotes3 / glowhips / celestialmew / MidnaPurity

    "I'M COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMING" - Ashley INTRODUCTION Ashley (or @cantremembernothing on KF) is the epitome of what is wrong with the Furry Fandom today, all rolled into one abomination. Awful Art? Check! Horrendous Questionable Fanfics? Check! Attention Whore? Check! Lusts after...
  6. Nykytyne3

    User 'Nykytyne3' / Blinski / Joe Muchlinski rants about his own parents in random threads

    Please watch. Please download and re-upload wherever possible. I am begging you. This is not a joke, and I am not delusional. The gaslighting has gone on long enough and it needs to stop. https://youtu.be/RJ6GZEwJVd0 I got a call back: https://youtu.be/Tq9SusSbu-I
  7. damian

    Kaylyn Saucedo / Kaylyn Dicksion / MarzGurl

    Channel Awesome by @Sexy Times Hitler Before joining CA, Kaylyn started producing videos under the Marzgurl name in mid-2004. She had used the name before, including the Angelfire/Matrix nightmare that was The Real High School Life (archive), where she documented the going-ons at her school...
  8. Wheezy Asthmatic

    Gabriel Sickel / KhordKitty / KhordiKit / Khordz / ThisIsGabe / PianoKat / Xyniroz / Ghörfn / yiffyiff123 / Deborah Kay Butler / Buttercuppedbun

    DISCLAIMER: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ 160+ PGS IN ORDER TO BE WELL-VERSED ON THE THREAD. ALL RELEVANT INFO HAS BEEN SOURCED IN THE LIST BELOW. DON'T STRAIN YOURSELVES Part 3: Early Life / Washington Heights / Media " Career " / Other Fandom Involvement Part 4: Potential Child & Spousal Abuse Part...
  9. B

    حلال StarryGreenEyes95 / Taylor Mitchell Pickens / BlueGator / AzureTranquility

    Username in question: @StarryGreenEyes95 - https://kiwifarms.net/members/starrygreeneyes95.30039/ As you may have noticed by now, this tranny likes to post in a lot of threads to basically say he is much better than all the troons featured on the farms, as showcased in his literal first post in...
  10. kyle2252

    Kyle Lee Biddle / kyle2252 / p6274940 / Twilight Kyle / likykee1 / dinoman / soft kitty

    MOD EDIT: This post was originally made in the Kothorix thread. It's been moved to its own thread. Enjoy. I actually like Kothorix, he seems like one of the more sane and sensible furries out there. Though not any more I guess, since he left. Smart move.
  11. darkshadowfox

    @DarkShadowFox / Sebastian Welch / foxboyhunter / furpawsradio

    Mod Edit: @DarkShadowFox was a user who joined Kiwi Farms to claim he had intel on the zoosadists and bragged how he was the master behind the leaks. Other Kiwis found he was a zoophile and he promptly shat up the Kero the Wolf thread. Info on his accounts: Dox: Here's the original post...
  12. Hecate

    Tim Slosky / SniffHeinkel / Sniffeh / Sniffindahouse / Darkhusky88

    Tim Slosky (age 41) first came to my attention when the user @Darkhusky88 posted to the farms here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/kero-the-wolf-joshua-hoffman-keroyamimora-yami-the-wolf.48033/page-62#post-3937900...

    حلال LagoonaBlue / Harriet Louise Connor / BendyRuler / erapony / HazzaScottish / Hazza Jermface / erajermface / imeverypony

    At first I thought this was just a lunatic attacking Chris, but judging from her social media footprint, she turns out to be worthy for a thread, and considering the circumstances, a halal on @LagoonaBlue. Harriet Louise Connor Quarterbridge College Road, Perth PH13PB Perth, Perth and Kinross...
  14. Bryan Dunn

    Orbiter Michael C. Rezaei / ZachAutist / Boon / IHATEKOP666 / Edgequeen66 / Speeddemon6606 / Zachlawless1226

    DISCLAIMER This Cow and his "Friends" have a extremely HIGH tendency to distort the Truth, plant misinformation, falsify evidence, derail conversations, participate in Operations for Self-Interest and Preservation alone, and will attempt to trick Moderators/Site Staff/Supervisors/Communities and...
  15. Allen John Jones III

    Allen John Jones III / Coolbreeze88 / Ambition1394 / XBLspartanx170 / Webmaster16 / NoName360 / Axis

    MOD NOTICE yo, nice to finnaly have a kiwi farms account. i have been lurking on this forum for a while and its reassuring to see that im not the only one who think she's an unpleasant, bigoted, egotistical piece of crap.... or at least that's the image she gives off...were not really sure...
  16. Golden Compass

    Space Pirate / Fancy Lobster / CuddlyZebesian / Cinox Fellpyre / XanaTarantula / Joshua Howard

    I figured that would help set the tone for this nicely. Space Pirate may be a name you're familiar with if you've browsed the forums here of late, or been at all interested in the current political drama in the furfag kingdom. Grab a drink and a snack, there's a lot of shit contained within...
  17. Null

    حلال Neil Venegas / "Mix Master Ketchup" / @SpergMagnet / @TriggerNigger

    [CENTER] Yes, that is indeed someone bragging on their Twitter bio that they made a thread. When I saw this I had no clue of who the account holder was. I assumed it was just some sperg who was trying to get some personal popularity off their content, which is a bit gay but I'm not about to...
  18. G

    Michael J "Mike" Hirtes / MHirtes / Aristocrat / Polterbob / Slep / Totem Sanic / Aspergercorn

    @Totem Sanic is a former erotic fur e-zine admin old man approaching senior status from Council Bluffs with a major hateboner for Chris, Trump and his fellow furs, that has an extensive history of being accused of scamming on art and doing charge backs, as well as socking and getting banned from...
  19. Alex "Idominatio" Figueroa

    حلال Alex Figueroa / Idominatio / Red Inside the Brownhole

    They bring this to themselves, do you guys remember the salt over Altlanta vs Patriots when they decided to make it a racial issue. Dreams do come true I actually liked the pre-teen orgy in "IT" and thought it was hot, then again I was 12 too, just like the characters, now is really creepy...
  20. Le Bateleur

    حلال Xalver Nick

    The Cowfic wiki "is dedicated to trollfiction involving lolcows and their works (such as chris chan and sonichu) expect content to be potentialy nsfw." A brief perusal of the only page existing at time of writing suggests that the authors of the wiki may possibly be trollshielding, a suspicion...