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  1. Mr. Brown

    [25 July 2020] Jonathon Yaniv "cat fished" - Caught meeting child at children's hospital who didn't exist

    Rebel news are about to premier a story that seems to involve ya boi Jonathon Yaniv who went to meet a child at a children's hospital who didn't exist. Rebel news were "tipped off" to this and filmed it. Source: Rebel News...
  2. JY's Tampon

    Jonathan vs Amy Hamm (@preta_6)

    Okay I think this deserves it's own thread as I think this will develop further. Before Jonathan's trail Post Millennial reporter (and friend of Megan Murphy) Amy Hamm entered the women's restroom in the Surrey Provincial Courthouse. Upon seeing Jonathon in the same restroom she quickly exited...
  3. R

    Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv assaults reporter Keeane Bexte

    Today at court: (funny video) Seems the judge didn't humour Jonny's demand for a publication ban: Update: HOLY SHIT!!! Yaniv just assaulted a reporter...
  4. cloneconspiracy

    Jessica "Jonathan" Yaniv vs. Bill Whatcott: BCHRT Kangaroo Boxing

    Starting this new thread for the inevitable mild entertainment between Christian activist Bill Whatcott and "crotch waxing activist" Jessica "Jonathan" Yaniv. On June 03, 2019, whilst the "JY Publication Ban" was still in effect, Yaniv filed a BCHRT complaint against the Christian Activist and...
  5. Crippled_Retard

    Create nicknames for Jonathan's scooter

    Scooty-puff seems to be the most popular name, but I also have seen scoot scoot. I submit the Red Rascal (and not just because that's the color) and the Menstration Mobile.
  6. Troon Anthropologist

    Yaniv: The Soundtrack

    Post your musical musings inspired by Yaniv. First up:
  7. Null

    2018-12-25 - Jonathan Yaniv: DMCA Complaint

    Reporter's Name: Jonathan Yaniv Copyright Holder's Name: Reporter's Email Address: Reporter's Company Name: JY KNOWS IT Reporter's Telephone Number: 778 278 8933 Reporter's Address: 170 - 422 RICHARDS ST. VANCOUVER, BC CA --- Hi Jonathan, All alleged intellectual...
  8. trannyfucker

    Megathread Jonathan Yaniv / Jessica Yaniv / @trustednerd / / JY Knows It / JY British Columbia

    Mod note: This is not the thread for moralfagging, general tranny sperging or dipshit trolling ops. If you engage in any of these, you will be threadbanned. Post actual content instead of bitching. Keep the discussion on Yaniv, not other gross trannies. Jonathan Gill Yaniv (born 12 June 1987)...