kero the wolf

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  1. Wheezy Asthmatic

    Pkrussl / James Parker Russell / hs2012 / voluptuousvenessa / X3non / ItsMochi / OwOWhatsThis

    Thread Update: 4/22/20 He harbored a pedophile 3/10/20 Due to the text limit of the forums, I've had to make a separate post with more information relating to the OP. You can read more about James here Enter James Meet Pkrussl - a gay furry with severe acne scarring on 80% of his face who...
  2. Captain Coomer

    Zoosadist "Kero the Wolf" / Joshua Hoffman / KeroYamimora / "Yami the Wolf"

    BREAKING NEWS: The investiagtion against Kero in New York has been dropped due to lack of evidence and lack of cooperation from Kero's parents. Joshua Hoffman 109 S McDonald St McDonald, PA 15057 Lives on the 3rd floor. Exact room number not known...