lack of sleep

  1. ShortRound

    T. Greg Doucette / Thomas Gregory Doucette / greg_doucette / TGDLaw / fsckemall / lawdevnull / TDot

    Also apparently before he was FAT (archive) Dox: DOB: March 26, 1981 32 Dansey Cir Apt 0 Durham, NC 27713 Email:,, UPDATE (Courtesy of @Immortal Technique): His law...
  2. damian

    Nick Rekieta's Weeb Wars videos & livestreams

    This thread is only for commentary on Nick's livestreams/videos concerning Weeb Wars content. His livestreams so far in chronological order: Rekieta Law Talks With Doug TenNapel About Vic Mignogna Streamed live on Feb 11, 2019 Social (Media)...
  3. Syaoran Li

    Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders

    I don't know if this would belong here or in General Discussion, but I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with lack of sleep. I think I may have insomnia, but I am not sure. I know I'm not supposed to powerlevel, and this forum is not my personal aslylum, but I am looking for some advice...