1. ADHD

    my thoughts on keto

  2. A

    Careercow Gabrielle "Gabby" Rivera / QuirkyRican / ogfunkbandit / Lunagabby

    Meet Gabby Rivera. Dox: 1484 Prospect Pl #2 Brooklyn, NY 11213-2427 DOB: September 1, 1982 (35 years old) Emails: Lunagabby@yahoo.com, Lunagabby.rivera@yahoo.com, Gabby.Rivera@glsen.org Gabby is a fat lesbian """writer""" from the Bronx. She has published one YA novel, Juliet Takes a...
  3. Old Wizard

    Careercow Liam Madigan / Lily Tess Madigan

    This is Liam "Lily" Madigan, the new Women's Officer of the UK Labour Party. Keep in mind that the role of Women's Officer is for women only. Liam found a loophole. He publicly campaigned (along with MRA Adrie Van Der Meer) to have former Woman's Officer Anne Ruzylo removed from her post...
  4. Meowthkip

    Nice Gals/Femcels

    EDIT: This thread is extremely upsetting to some lesbian who thinks this whole thing is made up, but women shouldn't really date guys anyway but they can IF THEY WANT TO TAKE THAT RISK but celibacy is safer than submitting yourself to some DISGUSTING MAN. Kitty is more than welcome to...
  5. José Mourinho

    Careercow Andrew Dobson / Tom Preston / CattyN

    Andrew Dobson is a self-described cartoonist, and a social justice hanger-on with an extensive 10 + year history of being an unpleasent asshole online. Andrew Dobson’s primary selling point is his artwork. Despite attending MCAD and receiving a BFA in animation, Dobson has yet to put it to use...