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  1. Null

    Dropping Google

    I'm just going to post an email I sent to save myself some time. In short, Google Analytics (what I was using to track sessions to know what pages were active or not) was a Google tool that could use your Google Account session data to track your KF activity with your Google Account. A Googler...
  2. Null

    2017-08-18 - Liz Fong-Jones: Harassing people for hosting my email.

    Liz Fong-Jones is some tranny with a jaw sharper than Robert Z'Dar who Greta Gustava / Kjel Andeson has apparently employed to harass third parties vaguely associated with me. This is to, presumably, help cover up that Trans LifeLine is a scam. Zhe works for Google, and is using an authoritative...