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  1. DerKryptid

    Emily Ferraz / SailorSeiyaDigiJem / SonicGal1993 / mlp-fim-headcanons-ships

    On the sixth day, God created the wild beasts of the land, and on the seventh day, Satan created furries; and, so long as man lives, he has had to toil beside these degenerates :jacepout: Emily Ferraz Emily Ferraz is a 28-year old, gay, schizophrenic, furry tryhard with a raging femboner...
  2. Angry Canadian

    Skitzocow Unabashedhermaphrodite / Belial / The Actual Queen / actuallybella1 / AutisticAizen / Blaine Gaven Ross / Jess Ross / Erika Starling

    [/SPOILER] Intro Blaine (@Unabashedhermaphrodite) is a severely unwell man who has recently trooned out. He joined kiwi farms August 7th, 2021 and within his first week of joining amassed over 750 posts, averaging around 110 posts per day and sleeping, based on his post history, an average of 4...
  3. MoeChotto

    IP2 Dylan Seth Volk / Chaggot / DieLawn / RealDylanVolk / RealChaggot / RealDielawn / Chad

    QUOTE ME ACCURATELY! Introduction If you follow Internet spergs and the drama that surrounds them in recent years, you may have come across Dylan Volk, better known today as Chaggot (The Chad Faggot) at one point or another. Chaggot's first memorable appearance in these circles would have to be...
  4. 0 1

    Skitzocow Naruhide / Naru / menherawhide

    Naru is an individual I was rather torn about creating a thread over, but the sheer entertainment derived from his constant insistence on taking any and every opportunity to turn an unrelated topic into a pseudo-philosophical argument was simply too endearing for me not to. I'll be the first to...
  5. WinchesterPremium

    Diseased Neo-Pagans / Witches on the Internet / Witchblr

    Have you ever wondered what the result is when you cross neopagans and neopronouns? How about what happens when a wiccan is told they can change the world with emojis then falls into lefty politics? What if the world is filled with ghosts, demons, faeries, angels and more - all of whom are super...
  6. Plasmapheresis

    حلال Ashley "Ashton" Lynne Coulter / @cantremembernothing / ButtercupSaiyan / watercolorheart / heartnotes3 / glowhips / celestialmew / MidnaPurity

    "I'M COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMING" - Ashley INTRODUCTION Ashley (or @cantremembernothing on KF) is the epitome of what is wrong with the Furry Fandom today, all rolled into one abomination. Awful Art? Check! Horrendous Questionable Fanfics? Check! Attention Whore? Check! Lusts after...
  7. A Logging Company

    Revenge of the Cis / ROTC / Mersh / Mike Schiele / Terrorsperg / Royce Lopez / Hippojuicemedia / More Like Radio

    Revenge of the Cis is a daily, right wing pandering, topic-of-the-day comedy show hosted by failed comedians and drama mongers Royce Lopez (left) and Mike "Mersh" Schiele (right). From their About Page (a): In other words, Royce and Mersh saw an opportunity to move into...
  8. 1Tonka_Truck

    Jeffery Allen / Gottfried Roser / Grandmaster Roser / Talon Combat System / Roser Martial Arts Center

    I tripped and fell down a rabbit hole last night. This picture of Gottfried in the German surplus jacket has been bugging me for a few days. So I started looking around while Rackets was reading superchats. Jeffery Allen /Gottfired Roser /Grandmaster Roser /Talon Combat System /Roser Martial...
  9. A

    Monica Rial / Monica Jean Rial / Rialisms & Ron Toye / Ronald Toye III / rontoye3

    Bootleg OP: :):):):):) Good OPs (thank you @damian): Monica's twitter archives:* Ron's twitter archives:* UPDATE: Monica Rial & @Ron Toye sold the deed to the previous address on December...
  10. A

    Shane Holmberg / Shane Presley Holmberg

    Well, this is long overdue. Shane Presley Holmberg Dox: DOB: January 19, 1976 3910 Old Denton Rd, APT 708 Carrollton, TX 75007 This is his wife (archive). He is roughly 20 years older than her. He nuked his LinkedIn after the whole disaster of A-Kon publicly distancing themselves from...
  11. Wheezy Asthmatic

    Gabriel Sickel / KhordKitty / KhordiKit / Khordz / ThisIsGabe / PianoKat / Xyniroz / Ghörfn / yiffyiff123 / Deborah Kay Butler / Buttercuppedbun

    Part 3: Early Life / Washington Heights / Media " Career " / Other Fandom Involvement Part 4: Potential Child & Spousal Abuse Part 5: Financials / Potential Fraud Part 6: Proof all of his Internet History is Real & NOT " fabricated trolling " Sex Offender Friend List About Nick Misc. Summary...
  12. Wheezy Asthmatic

    Chris Bryant / Simba Lion / Leader of Furry Menagerie / Furry Valley

    Latest News on Bryant: Currently has a warrant issued for his arrest. The warrant was issued January 8th, 2020. Email any tips to the lead detective at: Updates to the Thread: Unfortunately, I didn't realize I'd reached my text limit. See here for...
  13. Burning Fanatic

    Devon Del Vecchio / ShortFatOtaku

    Devon Del Vecchio, better known online as "ShortFatOtaku" (SFO), is a pretty boring weeb in his 30s. Or at least, that's how he likes to describes himself. Outside of his mundane self description, Devon has shown himself to be a total loser, an open degenerate, and a slimy, petty coward when it...
  14. B

    حلال StarryGreenEyes95 / Taylor Mitchell Pickens / BlueGator / AzureTranquility

    Username in question: @StarryGreenEyes95 - As you may have noticed by now, this tranny likes to post in a lot of threads to basically say he is much better than all the troons featured on the farms, as showcased in his literal first post in...
  15. CWCissey

    Snowflake Abby Cappleman / Abby The Aspienaut / Abbey May / @0ldS0ul_abby

    Meet Abby Cappleman. (left) And meet her dog, Chloe. Adorable, no? Well Chloe is supposedly Abby's support animal and boy will Abby let you know it if you call bullshit. Hell she was found because she pitched a fit at Birmingham Arena because they told her to sit in the specialist service dog...
  16. kyle2252

    Kyle Lee Biddle / kyle2252 / p6274940 / Twilight Kyle / likykee1 / dinoman / soft kitty

    MOD EDIT: This post was originally made in the Kothorix thread. It's been moved to its own thread. Enjoy. I actually like Kothorix, he seems like one of the more sane and sensible furries out there. Though not any more I guess, since he left. Smart move.
  17. darkshadowfox

    @DarkShadowFox / Sebastian Welch / foxboyhunter / furpawsradio

    Mod Edit: @DarkShadowFox was a user who joined Kiwi Farms to claim he had intel on the zoosadists and bragged how he was the master behind the leaks. Other Kiwis found he was a zoophile and he promptly shat up the Kero the Wolf thread. Info on his accounts: Dox: Here's the original post...

    حلال LagoonaBlue / Harriet Louise Connor / BendyRuler / erapony / HazzaScottish / Hazza Jermface / erajermface / imeverypony

    At first I thought this was just a lunatic attacking Chris, but judging from her social media footprint, she turns out to be worthy for a thread, and considering the circumstances, a halal on @LagoonaBlue. Harriet Louise Connor Quarterbridge College Road, Perth PH13PB Perth, Perth and Kinross...
  19. damian

    Artcow Jason Yungbluth / IamDeathRay / DeathRayGraphics / Wrathofporkins

    Jason Yungbluth is a cringey comic book writer/artist who a-logs obsessively about a # on twitter. He owns his own publishing company, DeathRayGraphics, where he makes poorly done parodies of popular nostalgia characters. Jason talking about his OC comic creation, Weapon Brown (A.K.A...
  20. ATaxingWoman

    Dramacow Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / CZation / Ashe826

    Alex Vidal / Alessandro Connor Vidal / Ashe Akira / Charlotte / AsrielDr33murr / Crayonization / Wolfette / CZation / Ashe826 Basic information Have you ever wished you were a cute virgin "cis" female so that you could have a cute girl deflower you? Alessandro "Alex" Connor Vidal (troon name...