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  1. A

    Whale Wars

  2. Bunny at Law

    Trainwreck Venus Palermo / VenusAngelic

    This thread is for us to sperg about Venus’ recovery and adorable Japanese life without shitting up the Margo thread. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube...
  3. Strine

    Chantal Sarault / Foodie Beauty

    MOD EDIT: 11/2/21 OP updated here. Hello, Foodie Beauties! Our Foodie Beauty. Chantal Olive Marie Sarault, born March 28th 1984, aliases Foodie Beauty, Big Beautiful Me, Chantal Marie, Chinny, Clotso, Cuntal and others, is a Canadian YouTuber, whose channel was created in 2014, and who reads...
  4. admiral

    Celebrity Jeffree Star / Jeffrey Lynn Steininger

    Jeffree Star is a 2edgy myspace celebrity from way back when, in the days when myspace actually mattered. As one of the most popular users on myspace, with his posts regularly receiving tens of thousands of comments, it wasn’t long before he became something of a person of interest to trolls and...
  5. AtroposHeart

    ForeverKailyn / SincerelyKailyn / kmwbeauty / Kailyn Marie Hughes/Wilcher Kailyn Marie Wilcher, aka ForeverKailyn and most recently MsKailynMarie, is a Youtube beauty ‘guru’ hailing from Bowie, Maryland. Notable for her questionable skills and internet drama, she was first brought to the attention of the Farms by...